Git to gittin’ . . . . .

Posted: October 8, 2013 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, Tuesday arrived with a mild surprise, not just the midday sunshine, but because after a flurry of activity here at Cruise Control this week, we realised that it was time to pull together our playlist for Cruising with The Commissioner. As we adjusted to the new day and time slot on Wireless FM, we were comforted by knowing we were in the excellent company of The Spongeman, The Shake and The Auburn Phantom on Tuesday nights. So, we geared up and in the nick of time we were ready for the off and revving on all cylinders to keep up with them. Cruising #191

The Cruise Mobile has covered a few miles since we were last with you. We went on some weekend travelling down to Dorset. Happily the sun came with us, which was good for those in and around Bournemouth who were part of the first Bournemouth Marathon. The event proved to be exceedingly good humoured and well organised, with plenty of runners along the front, where the local beaches had attracted a few late year surfers and swimmers, enjoying a sunshine day that got up to 70 degrees.

Our rummaging in the Cruising Library turned up a few treasures this week and our girls and guitars feature, focused on Princeton born, Rory Block, who honed her craft in the company of some very notable blues and playing on clubs and coffee houses in and around California. She’s released numerous critically acclaimed albums of original and traditional songs and we took the title track from her 1995 ‘Turning Point’ album to demonstrate her great vocals and some nice slide guitar work.

But, we got things off to a flying start with Johnny Mack and his Top Cat release ‘Sugar Bee’, followed fast by one-time Flairs member, Young Jessie, and his 1956 recording for the Modern label ‘Pretty Soon’. The rest of the playlist is here:

Cruising up to speed . . . .                                                            Tee - More than a radio show
Sugar Bee – Johnny Mack
Pretty Soon – Young Jessie
Let’s Stomp – Bobby Comstock
Don’t Cry No More – Roy Head & The Traits
Cry Like A Man – Johnny Jenkins
These Arms Of Mine – Otis Redding
No Time For Dreaming – Charles Bradley
Turning Point – Rory Block
You Can’t Get That Stuff No More – Tampa Red & Georgia Tom
Jamaican Ska – Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
Save Me – Aretha Franklin
Seven Day Weekend – The New York Dolls
I Believe In You (Fire In My Body) – Bedlam

Killer Diller Korner . . . . with Johnny Alpha
I Want You – The Fine Stuff

Cruising with friends . . . . .
Sunshine Day – Jethro Tull
Sweet Nuthin’s – Humble Pie
Spent Money – Roy Rogers
Dust My Blues – Elmore James
Drowning In A Sea Of Love – Joe Simon
My Man Is A Sweet Man – Millie Jackson
Number One In Your Heart – The Monitors
Jimmy Mack – Martha & The Vandellas
Help Wanted – The Volcanos
Git To Gittin’ – Pee Wee Crayton
Yeah Yeah Yeah – Joe Liggins
Bip Bop Bip – Pretty Boy

Our gig list this week included The Commitments on stage in London’s West End . . . . and a great night it was too. Another great night out was had at The Longdicks gig on Friday night . . . . energetic and raucious it most certainly was, with some enthused dancing and appreciation by the crowd. Ricky from the band was one of those who gave us some feedback on last week’s show, and much enjoyed The Ramones, as did others. It led to a suggestion of something by the New York Dolls, so we’ve picked out their take on a song we know well by Gary US Bonds, ‘Seven Day Weekend’.

For our dose of scratchy blues, this week, we featured one Hudson Woodbridge who learnt to play blues guitar and perfected his slide technique, as the first black musician to play a National steel-bodied resonator guitar. He took the name ‘Tampa Red’ and recorded some 90 sides with Georgia Tom, which included the classic tune ‘ You Can’t Get That Stuff No More’.

Well, not surprisingly, our new 90 minute time slot meant that all too soon the sands of time ran out for us and left us hoping that there was plenty to tantalise your musical taste buds in this first Cruising with The Commissioner on a Tuesday night. As ever, we’re pleased to have your company and you can be sure that we’ll be ready to call by for you same time same place next week to whisk you off on another adventure through some of the best in rock, soul and real rhythm and blues.

So till the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . have fun!

  1. The Vikster says:

    Keep rockin’!

  2. Damon says:

    Brilliant show

  3. The Spongeman says:

    Top show TC

  4. The Shake says:

    Great show Commissioner. Loved the soul selection.

  5. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Perused the play list . . . . Georgia Tom, Humble Pie, Elmore . . . . nuff said . . . . Excellent!

    Re: Rory Block . . . . was approached by her management for WGLC, but too expensive even in her early days, just couldn’t see how Brent and AW Enterprises could both make money on that gig!! (For the Mayor’s charity of course )

    • The Commissioner says:

      Most esteemed Arfa,

      A playlist with the distinct risk of conjuring images of your good-self dancing with verve and enthusiasm, dressed in knee length shorts, boots and a singlet, emblazoned with the motif ‘Beauty is in the ‘I’ of the beholder’.

      Enjoy . . . . I know I did!


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