Ride like the wind . . . . .

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, there have been plenty of contacts and encounters with friendly faces during the past week. So, plenty of news of their adventures along the way and quite a few events going into the social diary that will cheer the weeks and months to come. Our musical postman has done us proud with his deliveries of CDs and 45s over the past days and seldom is heard a discouraging word from him, even when his colleagues are agitated about the imminent changes to the ownership and management of the postal-services here.Cruising 22

The Cruise Mobile has done plenty of travelling, which included a gig in the depths of Hampshire and some cruising through the North West territories where we encountered the familiar figure of that suave, debonair man about town Arfa Pinetop. He recounted tales of his music finds in the local second hand shops and made his own selection from these for his latest Three From Me.

Well, we got some very positive responses to our Nine Below Zero track last week, so we dug out another and a Ramones number that just might feature in the setlist of The Longdicks, who are on our giglist for 4th October when they’re at The Admiral Hardy pub near the Cutty Sark in Greenwich for what looks like being a raucous evening of music from the band.

Despite all this, our attentions have somewhat diverted by the expected visit of Messrs Humpit, Thumpit and Dumpit, (relocation consultants to the gentry) who are booked to help us lift and shift Thursday’s nights Cruising with The Commissioner to its new home . . . . . because, from next week, we’re moving to a new day and new time on Wireless FM. You will find us on Tuesday nights at 9 pm (UK time). We very much hope that we will have the good company of all members of the Cruising Crew on the journey, because we’ll keep a seat for everyone, as always. If anyone gets lost, they’ll be able to catch the shows on our website and on our face book page.

So, we started our last Thursday night cruise with Rudy Ray Moore and ‘Baby, That’s Why I’m Your Fool’ and we’re followed up fast with Buster Brown and his classic 1962 Fire 45 ‘Sugar Babe’ . . . . with more to come:

Cruising beyond the city limits . . . .
Baby, That’s Why I’m Your Fool – Rudy Ray Moore
Sugar Babe – Buster Brown
Cryin’ & Wonderin’ – Billy Hoke
So Many Cute Little Girls – Jackie Wilson
Say It Baby – Terry & The Tyrants
I’m Tired (aka Love Line) – Billy Watkins
I Love You So – George Perkins
Love What You’re Doing To Me – Janet & The Jays
Don’t Mess With My Man – Rita Engedalen
Drop Down Mama – Sleepy John Estes
Hi Life – Granville Williams Orchestra
Conjure Wife – Chris Youlden

Three From Me . . . . with Arfa Pinetop
No Particular Place To Go – Sammie Moore
Ford GT – Jackie & The Giants
You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling – Wayne Harris

Cruising with friends . . . .
Rocking Robin – Nine Below Zero
Blitzkrieg Bop – The Ramones
Pack Fair & Square – J Geils Band
You Oughta Be Here With Me – Annette Snell
Take This Hurt Off Me – Big John Hamilton
Just One More Day – Otis Redding
Ride Like The Wind – Chris Cross
King Of The New York Streets – Dion
Glad All Over – Hush.
Raised On Margaritas – Los Pacaminos

Killer Diller Korner . . . . with Johnny Alpha
Morning – Susan King

Cruising for home . . . .
I’ve Just Come From The Mountain – Little Richard
Dancing Jenny – Jewel Akens
Chaquita – The Dave Clark Five
I Got To Find Me Somebody – The Vel-Vets
You Don’t Know Like I Know – Sam & Dave
You Don’t Want Me No More – Major Lance
Hey Bartender – Floyd Dixon
Ain’t Got No Home – Clarence Frogman Henry
Well, Alright Baby – Billie McAllister

This week’s Girls & Guitars feature, singled out singer, songwriter and guitarist, Rita Engedalen. She hails from Kongsberg, Norway, where she has become a sought after name in blues clubs, concerts and festivals, appearing at home and abroad with a repertoire that celebrates the women of the blues. We chose something from her 2011 album ‘Chapels & Bars’ and played her take on ‘Don’t Mess With My Man’.

Our dose of scratchy blues this week featured Mississippi born, Sleepy John Estes, who made his first recordings for Victor Records in Memphis, in 1929. We chose one of his early recordings, ‘Drop Down Mama’, which he recorded a number of times during his career and is credited as one of the roots of Led Zepplin’s repertoire.

As the familiar faces and places started coming into view, we knew we were almost home on our cruise and we arrived there safe and sound accompanied by a rather rare R&B 78 from Billie McAllister and ‘Well Alright Baby’. As we rolled to a stop, we waved our farewells and started loading all our things in the back of the Cruise Mobile for our move to our new home on Wireless FM. As we did, we very much hoped that all the Cruising Crew would be following too, because, from next week, we’ll be calling by on Tuesday nights at 9 pm (UK time) to take you Cruising with The Commissioner. So, until then . . . . have fun!

  1. The Auburn Phantom says:

    Thanks TC. Tad and I headed over to http://www.eatmusic.co.uk/ at 10pm for some punky tunes.

  2. Lil-Sis says:

    Well TC, thank you for all the good tunes that you have brought to us on a Thursday night. I will try and tune in on Tuesday if I can stay awake that long. Good luck for the new show.

    • The Commissioner says:

      Thanks for your good company on Thursday nights over the past two and a half years. I do hope you’ll find your way to Tuesday nights OK for some more adventures.

  3. Damon Ness says:

    Great show commissioner

  4. vickytoriaworld says:

    Yup … good show… 🙂 x

  5. Ricky Adams says:

    Another top show,it’s becoming a habit on Thursdays now ,,and the ramones ,,,top tune . Who knows what little gems you got up your sleeve ,,,maybe the New York dolls ……..?????

    • The Commissioner says:

      Thanks muchly. You just never know what might pop into the future playlists . . . . . it’s a voyage of adventure sometimes, even for me. Have fun!

  6. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Bit late with me review Emp, but once again not much to gripe about apart from my 3 from me. Gawd, that Righteous Bros number was on a par with Eamon Andrews’ Deck of Cards . . . . terrible .

    Remember Rod Piazza’s harp version of Rockin’ Robin ?

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