On track for the chicken shack . . . . .

Posted: July 11, 2013 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, all in all, it’s been a great week here the Grand Duchy . . . . . excellent weather, some notable sporting achievements, a pending royal birth and some outstanding gigs that we were very pleased to get into our giglist. Yours truly and The Cruisettes took advantage of the moments to do some ‘goodwill’ work, including a most enjoyable visit to the leafy countryside of Berkshire, where we were made very welcome on our first visit to ‘Blues on The Meadow’. Full marks to the organisers for a relaxed and well-organised event, where the sun came out to give us a much bigger smile than we’ve seen of late, which was a fitting accompaniment for an excellent event of good company and great music. The programme was bursting with great sets, from the oCruising #121 bpening with Red Butler (who are definitely ones to watch), the excellent Brass Knuckle Blues Band, the full-tilt set from Big Boy Bloater and some fine music from The Mustangs and Connie Lush & Blues Shouter, but as the sun faded, it was The Robin Bibi Band who arrived to deliver a fitting finale to a great day.

So, we arrived at Thursday night in good spirits, with a stack of great music. We had the Cruise Mobile all tuned up and seats reserved for those who, like us, enjoy some of the best in rock, soul and ‘real’ rhythm and blues. . . . kicking off our cruise with Amos Milburn and his 1956 Aladdin recording, ‘Chicken Shack’ and without taking our eyes off the road, we quickly followed up with Colin James and his very fine recording of ‘Rocket To the Moon’. . . . . and much more:

Cruising wherever the road takes us . . . . .                                                      Cruising #129
Chicken Shack – Amos Milburn
Rocket To the Moon – Colin James
House Of Blue Lights – Ella Mae Morse and the Freddie Slack Rhythm Section
Doing The Blah Blah Blah – Charlie Wood
Baby That’s Love – Gene Chandler
That’s A Pretty Good Love  – Laura B & The Moonlighters
Dance To the Locomotion – Teddy Randazzo & The Dazzlers
I Ain’t The Same – Brittany Howard & The Alabama Shakes
Tornado – Poison Gardner & His All Stars

Three from me  . . . . . with Joe Duckworth
The Spider & the Fly – The Rolling Stones
Honky Tonk Woman – The Rolling Stones
I Just Want To Make Love To You – The Rolling Stones
Cruising with the warm breeze . . . .
Lover Of The Bayou – Mudcrutch
Walk In My Shadow – Red Butler
Satisfy Suzy – The Brass Knuckle Blues Band
Sweet & Brown – Big Boy Bloater & The Limits
Only A Mad Man Can Fly – The Robin Bibi Band
Ain’t Got No Home – The Band
Jimmy Mack – Bettye LaVette
Ain’t That Love – Brenda Lee
I Don’t Hurt Anymore – Fontella Bass

Killer Diller Korner
The Worm – Bill Doggett
Cruising for home . . . .
Cheaper To Keep Her – Dan Aykroyd & The Blues Brothers
You’re So Fine – The Falcons
Somebody’s Always Trying – Ted Taylor
Fever – Pete Bennett & the Embers
Now That the Magic Has Gone – Joe Cocker
The Girl That Radiates That Charm – Cold Blue Steel
Go Go Power – Sugar Pie Di Santo
I Need Somebody – Little Milton
Louella  – Marcia Ball
Keep On Running – Grant Smith & The Power

Now the week has been littered with notable birthdays . . . . and if you had one this week accept our best wishes . . . . and they also went out to Robbie Robertson, Gene Chandler (the original Duke of Earl), Dan Aykroyd and more . . . . but some we will have to offer belated congratulations in next week’s show.

We found Joe Duckworth recounting seeing the Rolling Stones on their Glastonbury gig and he chose some of the tracks they missed for his Three From Me. We also heard from The Spinmeister, with tales of the Bruce Springsteen concert at the Olympic Stadium and our good pal DJ Leyton Rocks told us that he could hear the concert clearly from his nearby Leyton lair. Indeed, our Girls & Guitars feature threw the spotlight on singer/guitarist Brittany Howard of The Alabama Shakes . . . . who were supporting Bruce Sprinsteen on his London date and we picked their ‘I Ain’t The Same’ to show off Brittany’s talents.

Sadly, we ran out of time, but we never ran out of road or good music, so there’s plenty for next week and, if you’ve enjoyed our playlist, perhaps you can be enticed back again next week for another journey with some of the best in rock, soul and ‘real’ rhythm and blues. Rest assured, we’ll be polishing up the trusty Cruise Mobile, so that we can call by for you, same time, same place,next week . . . all ready to go Cruising with The Commissioner. So, until then . . . . have fun!

  1. The Spongeman says:

    Was a top show thanks for the tunes 🙂 Yay top stuff sir!

    Enjoy the nice weather. See ya soon.


  2. The Spinmeister says:

    Joe Duckworth seems to have had a similar youth to my own, judging by his Three from me – good stuff, to you both!


  3. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Have returned from my field trip in the Cyprus delta with a cassette overflowing with some excellent recordings of ex bank employees.

    Discovered a DJ out there by the name of Howlin Dick . . . I kid u not . . . . whose insistence on playing a dreadful Tom petty number, where he bellows through a megaphone like a boat race cox, put me in good stead for a review of the Emps latest offering. However could not find much to gripe about, an excellent choice from Mr Duckworth. Can’t wait for Vera’s selections. Was merrily foot tapping away to the rest of the show but then disaster! Robin B B . . . . no prizes for what the double B stands for, certainly not Blues Belter. The only thing I can remember good about him was his choice of hat!!

    If you had to play a Robin Emp, surely it should of been that great harp version of Rockin’ Robin by was it Rod Piasumfinkorother?

    • Most esteemed Arfa

      Relief abounds hereabouts that the seductive sirens of Cyprus have not dulled or diluted your natural charm and perception . . . . for which we are ever grateful. No doubt the authorities will be interested in your excellent recordings of ex bank employees, especially if they’re still searching for them!

      I will, of course, pass on your kind words about Mr Bibi’s hat and perhaps he will remember that it was Rod Piazza & The Blues Instigators who did that fine harp version of Rockin’ Robin . . . . and who knows what The Commissioner may have in store for future shows? (I’m not sure I do!)


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