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Posted: May 2, 2013 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, here’s hoping that all is well with you in your corner of the universe (you see we are not just international, but intergalactic too)! The events on the international scene have been unnerving here at Cruising with The Commissioner and we watch with concern, but the arrival of sunshine and the green leaves of summer have brought some overdue cheer to the Grand Duchy and we have been in good spirits, as a result.
Cruising #108
It has been a busy time here in the Grand Duchy and the social diary has been pretty full this past week with plenty of encounters and a gig or two. Our encounters included a number of the Cruising Crew, such as The Shake, Johnny Alpha, Joe Duckworth, The Vikster, Mi Amigo, The Spinmeister (back with tales of his latest trek across Africa) and a newcomer, Jazzy G, with whom we enjoyed a May Day celebration and some fine dining.

Our gig list this week included included a great evening out in the company of Mike Sanchez and his band, which featured one of our favourite baritone sax players, Nick Lunt. Mike gave the audience a high-energy setlist packed with some great rock and real rhythm and blues tunes. The evening was made even more enjoyable by meeting up with two of the Cruising Crew, who took the opportunity to champion the virtues of ‘Georgia Slop’, which we remembered to include in this week’s playlist.

Our musical postman has been doing his bit to add to our joy quotient and has brought a series of juicy gems into Cruise Control, which will be liberally sprinkled across future playlist, but we started the Cruising revels with The Jodimars and their 1955 single for Capitol Records called ‘Well, Now Dig This’ and pausing only to change records decks, we got up to full cruising speed with Big Al Downing and his Columbia 45, ‘Georgia Slop’. But see what else was on the playlist:

Cruising out of town . . . . . .                                                   tee shirt viva
Well, Now Dig This – The Jodimars
Georgia Slop – Big Al Downing
Lillie Mae – Smiley Lewis
Everybody’s Got A Buick – Mike Sanchez & His Band
Elija Rock – Jean Shy
Some Kinda Earthquake – Duane Eddy
Um Um Um Um Um Um – Major Lance
Streamline Train – Jessie Mae Hemphill
Made The Hard Way – Jimmy Dawkins
The Liquidator – Harry J All Stars

Three From Me . . . . . . with Mrs TC
Bless You – Tony Orlando
Don’t Give Up On Me – Solomon Burke
Tennessee Girls – Kevin Montgomery

Cruising with Stevie Wonder
Used Ta Be My Girl – The O’Jays
My Girl – The Temptations
Bye Bye Baby – Mary Wells
Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers
Bye Bye Love – The Everly Brothers
Respect – Aretha Franklin
Jazzmo Brown From Memphis Town – Bessie Smith
You Got Me Dizzy – Jimmy Reed
Hound Dog – Elvis Presley
Johnny B Goode – Chuck Berry
Higher And Higher – Jackie Wilson

Killer Diller Korner . . . . with Johnny Alpha
Istambul – Bruno & The Gladiators

Cruising with warm breezes . . . . .
Somebody To Love – Jefferson Airplane
The First Cut Is The Deepest – P.P. Arnold
She Put The Spell On Me – Otis Redding
Mellow Moonlight – Roy Docker
Ain’t No Big Deal On You – Little Milton
Fruit Boots – The Big Dani Perez R&B Band
Love Bandit – The Cadets
You’d Better Stop – LaVern Baker

As always, we are very grateful for the feedback from folks out there in Cruising land. From the comments on last week’s show, it seems our feature on the Embassy Record label went down well with a number of the Cruising Crew. This week also brought a special treat, because our good pal Pete Hall sent us a copy of a two-hour UK radio show hosted by Stevie Wonder, which he pulled out of his incredible archives. Needless to say, we brought the full weight of the Cruise Control editing team to the task of pulling out highlights, which started with The O’Jays and their 1978 chart single for the Philadelphia International label ‘ Used Ta Be My Girl’ . . . . and it ranged across familiar genres and time zones. Great stuff!

This week’s Girls & Guitars feature focused on Jesse Mae Hemphill. . . . . who was an American electric guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist specializing in the primal, North Mississippi hill country blues. As a native of Mississippi, she began playing the guitar at the age of seven, but didn’t get to record anything until 1979. So, we chose a ‘train song’ from her Hi Tone album ‘Shake It Baby’, which she called ‘Streamline Train’ . . . . and it was worth the effort.

There were birthday celebrations somewhere this past week involving guitar man, Duane Eddy and, as our small contribution to those celebrations, we played one of his early hits, hit ‘Some Kinda Earthquake’. We were reminded of this by our feature on Embassy Records last week, where we featured a cover of this number.

On a sad note, we paid tribute to blues singer/guitarist, Jimmy Dawkins, and Harry Johnson reached Cruise Control this past week . . . . . and if the name doesn’t immediately ring a bell, then you’re most surely familiar with him as Harry J, of the Harry J All Stars, both of whom passed on recently, but not without leaving some fine sounds from which to choose respective tributes.

Mrs TC was deflected from her enthusiasm for yours truly to repatriate the piles of records and CDs around Cruise Control, but while we weren’t looking, she sneaked back in to play on our decks and left us a Three From Me selection. But, our attentions were later deflected by a sudden state of high panic, when Mrs TC demonstrated her skills (or lack of them) with a sharp knife, adding something unintended to the ingredients of the recipe of the day! As a result of the need for emergency health care, we missed a gig by our good pal Max Quirk.

All too soon, our feast of rock, soul and ‘real’ rhythm and blues was over and we had to park up the Cruise Mobile for another week. But, not without thanking everyone for their good company on our cruise, including our good pal Johnny Alpha for his Killer Diller Korner and Pete Hall for the very well received Stevie Wonder feature. It’s always fun here to have the opportunity to play the music we enjoy and, if you’ve enjoyed it too, then we hope you’ll be enticed back again next week, when we’ll call by in the Cruise Mobile (same time same place) to take you Cruising with The Commissioner.

But, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner remember . . . . have fun!

  1. Lil-Sis says:

    Awesome show TC really enjoyed it. A very enjoyable 3 from me Mrs TC too, thank you.


  2. The Auburn Phantom says:

    Thanks for the music TC


  3. The Shake says:

    Great stuff Commissioner. Have to say Little Stevie is a great DJ. Thanks for the music and a great tune to end a great show.

    The Shake

  4. The Spongeman says:

    Top stuff, I really enjoyed that cruise, time just flew by…… top selection Mrs TC 🙂


  5. Spinmeister says:

    A very good show, and absolutely excellent Stevie Wonder set. Congratualtions to all the very astute selectors involved. Certainly one for a repeat play, a time or two

  6. Amigo says:

    Listened to ‘Now Dig This’ and enjoyed what you did with the Stevie Wonder show. (Big Al Dowling was a nice treat as well!)

    After listening to some Johnny Rivers records recently I was reminded that Major Lance’s ‘Um Um Um Um Um Um’ was Johnny River’s last US hit back in 1977.

    I assume that those substances mentioned in the feedback were for medicinal use as ‘enjoyed’ in several U.S. States.

    I’m not sure if you have a source for that Vocalion recording of the ‘Rising Sun Blues’ you mentioned, if not here is one: Rising Sun Blues – Ashley And Foster.mp3

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