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Posted: March 21, 2013 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Cruising with the Commissioner #101 (21.03.13)

 Well, we are never too sure whether it’s curious coincidence or dedicated design that causes you to stop by when we go Cruising with The Commissioner. . . . and we’re very glad you do. We may be deluded, but we like to think that it is because you share our enjoyment of rock, soul and ‘real’ rhythm and blues. So, in anticipation, we powered up the Cruise Mobile, selected some fine choices of music from the Cruising Library and extended the warmest of welcomes to one and all.
Cruising #100
Our adventures this week, included an excellent gig by country rock singer/guitarist, Vince Gill. It was a cracking set and he very ably demonstrated just what a superb guitar player he is . . . . sufficient to win real praise from Eric Clapton and reputedly pursued by Mark Knopfler, at one stage, as a member of Dire Straits.

The executive recliner in Cruise Control was graced this week by our good pal, The Spinmeister, freshly returned from his extended visit to Africa and bringing us some ‘covers’ to suprise and delight us . . . . which he most certainly did!

As regular members of the Cruising Crew will know, every once in a while, we venture into a little feature about particular record labels that have been influential in releasing the music we enjoy here. This week we revisited some unfinished business and featured again the Stateside Record label. The Stateside catalogue is a real treasure trove of excellent music that spanned pop, rock, soul and rhythm and blues. We dipped into the delights of the label, but there’s even more there for another time . . . . . so we will return sometime.

St Patrick’s day came and went and despite a mischievious suggestion from someone who should know better, we decided not to play Val Doonican’s version of ‘Paddy McGinty’s Goat’ . . . . . and we felt all the better for it too! But here’s what we did play:

Cruising for the border . . . . .                                                         tee shirt Spinmeister
She’s A Big Fat Woman – G G Shinn
Ain’t That Just Like A Woman – Lloyd Price
Keep A Knockin’ – Little Richard
You Went Back On Your Word Little Girl – Jerry Lee Lewis
Road Runner – Junior Walker & The Allstars
I Can’t Help Myself – Donnie Elbert
Number One In My Heart – Brenton Wood
Misery – Barrett Strong
Heartbreak (It’s Hurting Me) – Jon Thomas
The Walls Came Tumbling Down – The J Geils Band
Don’t Start Me Talkin’ – The Doobie Brothers
Fun Fun Fun – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Everybody Loves A Lover – Giuliano Palma & The Bluebeaters

Three From Me . . . . . with The Spinmeister
It Ain’t Me Babe – Johnny Cash & June Carter
Stand By Me – John Lennon
All Along The Watchtower – Bryan Ferry

Cruising with Stateside . . . . again
Holy Mackerel – Little Richard
I Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying – The Miracles
Sinner Not A Saint – Trini Lopez
The Way You Do The Things You Do – The Temptations
A Song Called Soul – Gene Chandler
Ride Your Pony – Lee Dorsey
You’re A Wonderful One – Marvin Gaye
Open The Door To You Heart – Darrel Banks
Along Comes Mary – The Association
Jenny Take A Ride – Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels

Memory Lane . . . . with the Commissioner
Hey – Barbara Mercer

Cruising for home . . . . .
It’s My Life Baby – Johnny Winter
One More Last Chance – Vince Gill
Get Rhythm – NRBQ
Nothing Can Compare To You – The Velvet Satins
Hold On To My Baby – The Cavaliers
Let Me Know – Oscar McLollie & Jeanette Baker

Our playlist included samples from some (but not all) of the vinyl albums we bagged on our recent trip through the ‘Garden of England’ and we’ve saved plenty more for future weeks. We also went delving into the old 45s box from way back when, for a few sure shot floor fillers, which brought back a memory or two. But, we kicked off our cruise with G G Shinn and ‘She’s A Big Fat Woman’, which is a track from his 2000 album ‘You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down’, and we got up to full cruising speed with Lloyd Price and ‘Ain’t That Just Like A Woman’.

The chatroom was busy during the show with plenty of banter and alleged evidence of some virtual dancing. Indeed, the Cruisettes are rarely far away when the music starts and they can arrive in Cruise Control at a moments notice to demonstrate how their enthusiastic gyrations and loose grasp of spatial awareness are a very dangerous combination in a confined space!

We’re still finding more eligible contenters for our girls and guitars feature and this week we turned the spotlight on American rock guitarist and singer Joan Jett. She was much inspired in her early years by Suzie Quatro and is probably best known for her work with The Blackhearts and we picked a track from her 1986 album ‘Good Times’, which featured her take on the Beach Boys song ‘ Fun Fun Fun’.

We were so intent on enjoying ourselves at Cruise Control that we barely noticed that time had caught up with us and we found ourselves with but a few moments to park up the Cruise Mobile for another week and set about the task of tidying up. Be assured that the pending tray already has a few gems in it for next week, when once again, we can go Cruising with The Commissioner.

If you’ve enjoyed this week’s selection of rock, soul and real rhythm & blues, then we very much hope we can call by for you next week, same time same place, and once again we can go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . . until then . . . . have fun!

  1. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Ah what memories what dreadful acts Clinton Ford in “The Old Casbah in Kilburn”. Karl Denver with his song about Holloway “Womenaway”, Craig Douglas “Only a Sick Teen”, Mark Wynter singing something about what he had in his blue jeans (he’s now a member of an Agatha Christie theatre group!)

    But your Kenny Ball memory trip reminded me of another very good trad band of the era, The Mike Cotton Sound, who didn’t frequent the charts as much as KB but did have a minor hit with an instrumental I quite liked at the time “Swing that Hammer” any chance of fishing it out?

    The cajunish version of “Walk of Life” also prompted the minute grey cells to remember an excellent version of “The Promised Land” by Johnny Allan, well worth a spin.

    Keep on rocking Emp

    R4 Pinetop

  2. The Vikster says:

    Ooooo Joan Jet . . . . . I like!


  3. Lil-Sis says:

    Well TC, thanks for a brilliant night. Good tunes and good company in the chat room. Have a good week. Won’t be in the chat room next week – will be in Cruise Control…… Yipeee!!


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