Seven days is too long . . . . . .

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Cruising with The Commissioner #99 (07.03.13)

Well, the Cruisettes and I took ourselves off the Paris at the weekend to see The Vikster competing in the Paris semi-marathon . . . . and the girl done good! So, thanks to the various members of the Cruising Crew for their sponsorship for her worthy cause. While we were there, we did some sightseeing and had a wander through the Paris Flea Market, stopping briefly to rummage in the boxes of vinyl for anything of interest. Our hopes were quickly dashed by discovering some rather typical French easy listening stuff and a few well worn 60s albums by would-be French pop stars. So, I’m afraid our interest was fleeting and we brought back nothing, except a hacking cough, which I tried to suppress on Thursday night with further doses of medicinal elixirs.
But, undaunted, we rolled out the Cruise Mobile and called by to collect the Cruising Crew for another musical adventure that took us across musical frontiers, in and out of time zones and jumping genres . . . . all in pursuit of some of the best in rock soul and real rhythm and blues. With little ceremony, we set off on our journey with ‘Don’t Drop’ from the Ray Collins Hot Club, and we headed on down the road in the company of The Vibrations as they were ‘Going Down To New Orleans’.

Our musical postman has been attending to his very important duties this week and he delivered a rather juicy album called ‘The Complete Tri-Phi & Harvey Records’. We picked a track by Eddie Burns which you may have heard if you listen to The Shake on Tuesday night’s Out of Sight Show on Wireless FM. I’m sure other tracks will follow him onto future playlists.

Cruising for the city limits . . . . .
Don’t Drop – Ray Collins Hot Club
Down In New Orleans – The Vibrations
Don’t Let Go – Jerry Lee Lewis
It’s Alright – Solomon Burke
Please Don’t Tell ‘Em – The Blue Dots
Keep On Searching – The Flirtations
Competition Ain’t Nothing – Carl Carlton
Don’t Be Messing With My Bread – Eddie Burns
Tell Me Baby – Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters
Don’t Get Close To Me – Roxanne Potvin
Perpetual Blues Machine – Keb Mo

Three From Me . . . . with Max Quirk
Sweetheart Contract – Magazine
Bite The Hand – ABC
Jet Set Junta – The Monocrome Set

Cruising with friends . . . . .
Springtime – Headstone
Midnite Blues – Charlie Rich
I’m Over You – Jan Bradley
Rudi’s In Love – The Locomotive
If I Get Lucky Someday – Duffy Power
Lucille – Otis Redding
Long Tall Shorty – Tommy Tucker
Move It On Over – The Griffin Brothers
I Wanna Hug Ya, Kiss Ya, Squeeze Ya – Buddy Griffin & Claudia Swann
Jane – The Mighty Sparrow

Memory Lane . . . . . with The Commissioner
Woodchoppers Ball – Ten Years After

Cruising for home . . . . .
Drivers Seat – Sniff ‘n’ The Tears
Love Makes The World Go Round – Kiki Dee
Shoo Be Doo Be (Now That You’re Gone) – Pricilla Page & Rony Darrel
You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me – The Miracles
Baby Make You Own Sweet Music – The Fantastics
Seven Days Is Too Long – Chuck Wood
I’ll Always Be With You – Dean & Jean
You Got Me Rolling & Rocking – Roy Milton

In case it has escaped your attention, we’re still turning up some excellent examples for our ‘Girls and Guitars’ feature and we’re very grateful to those amongst the Cruising Crew who have been suggesting some worthy names for our attention. This week we featured Roxanne Potvin, a Canadian blues guitarist and singer who hails from Quebec and has built a reputation at clubs, festivals, and special events across Canada and beyond. We picked out a track from her 2004 album, ‘Careless Loving’, called ‘Don’t Get Close To Me’.

Our venture down Memory Lane revived a moment from 1968 and catching an early gig by Ten Years After. This was all the more poignant by the sad news this week of the passing of Ten Years After frontman Alvin Lee. So, we paid tribute to him with something that was always looked forward to on their gigs . . . . . their breakneck version of Woodchopper’s Ball with some excellent guitarwork from Alvin Lee. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of the sad news, because we also lost Bobby Rogers, the founder member of The Miracles. He wrote a number of their hits over the years and penned successful songs for other groups like the Temptations. So we cued up a successful early record for The Miracles and one that features some great vocal interplay between Bobby Rogers and Smokey Robinson ‘You’ve really got a hold on me’.

Well, the rattling tin cans told us all too soon that the sands of time had finally run out and, fortunately, we got back home in time to park up the Cruise Mobile for another week, with the promise of even more rock, soul and real rhythm and blues next week. So, we gave a cherry wave and assured everyone that we’d call by, same time, same place, next week, when once again we can go Cruising with The Commissioner.

So until then . . . have fun!

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