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Posted: February 7, 2013 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Cruising with The Commissioner #95 (07.02.13)

Well, the world has kept on turning since we last met and in the Grand Duchy this week there’s been plenty to do. We’ve been attending to some maintenance chores around Cruise Control and trying to exploit the moments of sunshine that came to brighten our spirits. The sunshine encouraged us to roll out the Cruise Mobile and polish it up ready to go Cruising with The Commissioner.
Cruising #97
We collected together some of the best in rock, soul and real rhythm and blues . . . . and we were only waiting for some good company to set off on another musical adventure. This week, we had a visit from the much esteemed Arfa Pinetop. He’s always a larger than life character and arrived to quickly fill a few corners of our playlist with his own choices of music . . . . and very good they were too.

Well, the social diary has been filling up here at Cruise Control and there are plenty of gigs getting slotted in the weeks and months ahead, which is all good stuff and it wasn’t that long ago that we caught up with the esteemed Johnny Alpha on one of his London gigs.

But, the sad news came through that, after some 3 years of excellent playlists, we have said adieu to Wirelesss FM’s Killer Diller Show, as its host, Johnny Alpha is taking an extended break to concentrate on other things. So, this week we saluted Johnny Alpha and picked out a few of the many tracks that he presented, just to remind ourselves of some of those joyful discoveries.

We set off in fine style with some jumpin´ RnB, delivered by one of Germany´s hottest band, Ray Collins’ Hot Club, with ‘Mine All Mine’, a track from their excellent 2009 album called ‘Honk My Horn’ and we followed up fast with Fats Domino and his timely invitation to Be My Guest.

Cruising way out of town . . . . . tee shirt responsible adult
Mine All Mine – Ray Collins’ Hot Club
Be My Guest – Fats Domino
Barefoot Susie – Waymon Brown
Whirlwind – Barret Strong
Great Googa Mooga – Lee Dorsey
It Hurts me So Bad – Lattimore Brown
The Boy From New York City – The Ad Libs
Just One Look – Doris Troy
Count Me In – Ana Popovic
Hot Nuts – Lil Johnson

Three From Me . . . . . with Arfa Pinetop
Not Fade Away – The Rolling Stones
Brown Eyed Handsome Man – Buddy Holly
Jo Jo Gunne – Chuck Berry

Cruising with friends . . . . .
Run Run Run – Jo Jo Gunne
Surge – Adam Franklin
Radio Nowhere – Noush Skaugen
You Can Do Magic – Limmie & the Family Cookin’
You’ve Got Me Danglin’ On A String – Chairmen of The Board
Girls Are Out To Get You – The Fascinations
A Message To You Rudy – Dandy Livingstone
Fever – Trini Lopez
Our Man In Havana – The McCoy Boys
Hide Nor Hair – Ray Charles

Memory Lane . . . . with the Commissioner
Rave On – Buddy Holly/ Come On Let’s Go – Ritchie Valens/ Chantilly Lace – The Big Bopper

Cruising for home . . . . . .
Soul Shake Down Party – Bob Marley & the Wailers
Hi Hi Hazel – The Troggs
Hurt By Love – Charlie Foxx & Inez
Baby Baby – The Steampacket
Keep A Knockin’ – Chuck Willis
Let’s Have A Party – Mike Sanchez
Rosa Lee – Andre Williams
I Gotta Get Me A Woman – The Drifters
Saturday Night Fish Fry –  The Swing Cats
Smack Smack – Marvin & Johnny
Miss Bombilla Brown – Diz & The Doormen
I Got It – Little Richard

Our ‘Girls & Guitar’ feature this week, threw its spotlight on Ana Popovic and picked out her album track, ‘Count Me In’. Meanwhile, our trip down Memory Lane took us back to a cold, snowy day in America’s mid-West, when 3rd February 1959 became the day music died. We took the timely opportunity to take a trip back down Memory Lane to mark that fateful day and the passing of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. Another more current sadness came with the news that lead singer with The Troggs, Reg Presley, had lost his fight with the big C and left us with his musical catalogue and some memories. So, we paid our tribute to Reg with the Trogg’s 1966 single ‘Hi Hi Hazel’, a song that was also recorded that year by Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band.

Courtesy of Jo Jo Gunne, we caught a running theme, which was a good opportunity to focus on The Vikster’s forthcoming marathon running and in case you want to support her . . . . here’s the link to her fundraising page:

Well, we ran out of time, ran out of wine, but there was no chance that we’d run out of music. We still had plenty left in the pending tray, ready for next week’s journey through the juicy gems from the Cruising Library. So, if you’re around, same time same place next week, we’ll call by for you so we can all go Cruising with The Commissioner. But, until next week, remember to . . . . . have fun!

  1. Lil-Sis says:

    Really enjoyed this week’s show with some really good tunes played that stirred some memories from the past. I have a diary reminder for every Thursday to ensure I never miss a show and the jolly conversation with the Commisioner in the chat room. Keep playing the music and I will be there.

    • It’s always good to have your company and it was fun rummaging in that DJ box from way back when. Glad it had some tasty tunes for you . . . . and we’ll keep some others for the weeks to come!

      In the meantime . . . . have fun!


  2. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Some interesting music Emp I must admit wasn’t aware of the Eastern European “blues” scene well not the music anyway !

    How very dare you depict me as some scrawny ,headless model in your t shirt ad! Moi who was stand in for Robert Taylor’s lance in Ivanhoe and doubled for a beanpole albeit a broken one in Percy Throwers Ivarake.

    I met a very sad chap at a indoor market this morning. He said the guy who was the lead singer, guitarist or both of the English Birds, the guy who was lead singer , guitarist or both, played a gig in Uxbridge last night. I cannot remember his name, help please Emp . . . . was it Aki something? (not Mr R Wood).

    • Most esteemed Arfa

      There are, doubtless, many rich and varied aspects of your life that we (prols) can but speculate upon . . . . but speculation is now rife with stories of your origins as a Pole! Perhaps, no surprise that you have concealed your first hand knowledge of the Eastern European “blues” scene.

      I had assumed that the model in the tee shirt ad was your ‘one fan’ . . . . but maybe you’ve become a cult figure with many following your antics . . . . . apart from the security forces!

      The Birds (which was an abbreviation of their original name, The Thunderbirds) featured Ali McKenzie on vocals and harmonica . . . . I’m sure he didn’t set out to be the source of sadness, even amongst indoor marketeers. Of course, Stanmore standards would have prevented
      you from venturing in to the unsavoury environs of Uxbridge to experience sadness first hand!

      Just arrived back from Greenwich market (I’m allowed to go there . . . . and I have a note from my Probation Officer) with a fistful of 45s . . . . . many of which may creep into the playlist in future weeks.

      Sue Foley next week . . . . . but where then?


  3. Arfa Pinetop says:

    No longer the Emp now the Font or Fontemp even. Thanks Fontemp. Didn’t know the Thunderbirds tag. Why the abbreviation? Don’t think Farlow’s band were about then or were they?

    • Most Esteemed Arfa

      Yes, Chris Farlow & The Thunderbirds were around then and it was a gig with them that caused the Ronnie Wood and Ali McKenzie band to shorten their name to The Birds and subsequently The Birds Birds . . . . . don’t ask!!!!


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