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Posted: December 27, 2012 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Cruising with The Commissioner #89 (27.12.12)

Well, where did 2012 go? We must have been having a particularly good time, at least while we were Cruising with The Commissioner, because we arrived this week a little surprised that we were bidding an enthusiastic welcome to our last show of the year. As always, there was a seat in the Cruise Mobile saved especially for you, so you could join us on our adventure across musical frontiers, in and out of time zones and jumping genres.

Cruising #88
We conducted the tradition sweep up around Cruise Control and attempted (falteringly) to pursue our new year’s resolution, to bring order out of chaos to the music strewn Cruising Library. So far, we have repatriated the alternative Xmas record collections . . . . . well, it’s a start

This week we decided to take a timely look back at some of the many highlights of the show in the past year. If you’ve been a regular member of the Cruising Crew, you’ll know that we have had some great musical moments from our Three From Me guests. So, we set about selecting some of the stories and the excellent tracks that they brought along during the year. I was a real treat to sit back and relax and listen to these again and I hope you agree.

In the end, we had just too much to squeeze into the show, but we did take the opportunity to continue our response to the recent challenge from our good pal The Auburn Phantom to find some good stuff from ‘girls with guitars’. This week we found another . . . . . this was UK new blues singer/songwriter and guitarist, Joanne Shaw-Taylor with an excellent track called ‘Who Do You Want Me To Be’, from her debut album.

But we got tuned up for our review of 2012 with Piney Brown and a belting jump blues on Apollo Records, called  ‘That’s Right Baby’, followed by something we played earlier in the year from the great Jackie Wilson and ‘So Many Cute Little Girls’. For those who enjoy lists, here’s another:

Cruising for the frontier . . . . 
That’s Right Baby – Piney Brown
So Many Cute Little Girls – Jackie Wilson
Every Woman I Know Is Crazy ‘Bout My Automobile – Billy ‘The Kid’ Emerson
What About The Music – Billy Harner tee shirt 2013
Come And Get These Memories – Fontella Bass
Something Old, Something New – The Fantastics
Who Do You Want Me To Be – Joanne Shaw Taylor
Looking back . . . . .
London Girls – Stephen Duffy (from DJ Captain Scarlet)
Baby You Know What You’re Doing – Arthur Brown (from The Spongeman)
Che Che Cole – Willie Colon (from DJ Wheeliebag)
Young Boy Blues – The Who (from Lil-Sis)
Getting Mighty Crowded – Betty Everett (from Richard Mann)
Coming Into Los Angeles – Arlo Guthrie (from Mumbles)
Bad Girl – ZZ Top (from Phil Tyler)
King of The New York Streets – Dion (from The Vikster)
Dancing In The Street – Martha Reeves & The Vandellas (from Joe Duckworth)
Nouvelle Vague – Richard Anthony (from Mrs TC)
Get Out Of Denver – Eddie & The Hot Rods (from Johnny99)
No More Doggin’ – James Cotton (from Arfa Pinetop)
Talkin’ Bout Ya Baby – The Mighty Marvelows (from The Majestic)
Windows Of My Eyes – Cubie & the Blizzards (from The Shake)
Rocking in The Free World – Neil Young (from The Spinmeister)
Buzz Saw – Gee Cees (from Johnny Alpha)
Here I Am Again – Denise LaSalle (from Mr T)

Cruising for the new year . . . . .
Start Me Up – Beverley Skeete
Casting My Spell On You – Johnny Kidd & The Pirates
Neighbour Neighbour – Charles Berry
Only Sixteen – The Heptones
Crystal Closet Queen – Leon Russell & The Shelter People
You Can’t Make Me Doubt My Baby – The All Night Workers
How About Rocking With Me – Eddie Mack

Now you may remember that some weeks back we played ‘Neighbour Neighbour’ by Jack Bruce and at the time we said we would dig out the original by Charles Berry . . . . .  and that’s just what we did, just before we ran out of 2012.

Now, even if we were short on time, we were certainly not short of great music on Cruising with The Commissioner, so we crammed all that we could into the playlist, but that still left plenty over to ensure we have a rocking good 2013 . . . . and I think we will! We finished 2012 with some jump blues on the Apollo label from Eddie Mack with a great 50s number called ‘How About Rocking with me as we headed for home. Then, all too soon, we were back home safe and sound from our cruise.

So, The Cruisettes join me and Mr Merlot in thanking you for your good company through the past year and wishing you the very best for the new year. We very much hope that in 2013 we can call by in the Cruise Mobile and entice you to join us on some more memorable musical adventures in search of the very best in rock, soul and real rhythm & blues

So, until the next time we get to go Cruising with The Commissioner . . .  remember to . . . . . have fun!

  1. Lil-Sis says:

    Just listened to Thursday’s show. Really annoyed with myself for not listening on the night. Really enjoyed the show but missed the chat!!


  2. The Shake says:

    Dear Commissioner,

    I am presently listening to your “Looking Back” edition of your esteemed show and I have to tell you that I am constantly going back to my computer to type “tune” into a non-existent chat-room.

    Early stages of senility or just the power of your fantastic show. Whatever, thanks.

    The Shake.

    • Shake

      It is the real joy of a radio show to share your much loved music with others . . . . and you set the standard. I still smile at the recordings of OOS for the good humour and great music. Keep on keeping on!



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