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Posted: November 8, 2012 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Cruising with The Commissioner #82 (08.11.12)

Well, we passed through the 5th November without incident and witnessed plenty of fireworks along the way. As the end of another week came close to hand and the daylight faded, we prepared ourselves for a Thursday evening soiree with the Cruising Crew. In anticipation, we polished up the Cruise Mobile ready to take us on another tuneful trip beyond the blue horizon and way out there, where there’s nothing better to do than joining our weekly celebration of the very best in rock, soul and ‘real’ rhythm and blues known as Cruising with The Commissioner.

Whatever’s been happening in your corner of the universe, you can always be assured of the warmest of welcomes for one and all at Cruising with The Commissioner. So, as Thursday’s daylight faded, once again the Wireless FM airwaves came alive with the sound of the juicy gems that have been carefully selected for your listening pleasure. As always, if you can’t catch the show live, you can always find it here on our website.

Our busy week included a couple of eagerly awaited UK appearances by US bluesmen Eugene Hideaway Bridges and Larry McCray. Both were great evenings and the Larry McCray gig took us on long drive from the Grand Duchy and way down South to the Boarhunt Blues Club, in Hampshire. Check it out if you’re nearby, because we were made very welcome by Steve and Angie, who run the club and we had a simply superb time watching Larry McCray live with his American band. He gave us 2 hours of blistering guitar work and powerful vocals, with great support and musicianship from his band. It was all enthusiastically received by the audience and yours truly. As you might expect, we included something from each of them in our playlist. We pulled out Eugene’s ’Live in San Antone’ album to play ‘Learn How To Let You Go’ and we showed off Larry McCray’s blistering guitar and vocals on his cover of the Eric Clapton song ‘Miss You’ and excellent stuff it is too.

Well, sadly, we lost Terry Callier recently and so, in tribute, we played his 1982 recording of ‘I Don’t Want to See Myself (Without You)’, which has become a bit of a Northern Soul favourite. But, to get us in the righ mood, we set off on our cruise in great style with a Cruise Control favourite from Big Maybelle and ‘Do Lord’, which was followed fast by Calvin Boze and ‘ Beale Street On A Saturday Night’, which may well have changed a bit since that track was recorded.

Cruising way out there . . . . .
Do Lord – Big Maybelle
Beale Street On A Saturday Night – Calvin Boze
The Walkin’ Blues – Fluffy Hunter
Hey Hey Baby – The Marvelows
For You My Love – Lavelle White
Baby It’s Love – Al Adams
The Girl That Radiates Charm – Mick Hucknall
Learn How To Let You Go – Eugene Hideaway Bridges
Miss You – Larry McCray
So Glad You’re Mine – Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup

Three From Me . . . . with Mrs TC
Little Town Flirt – ELO
At Last – Raul Malo
Flat Broke – The Nimmo Brothers

Cruising in good company . . . .
Don’t Bring Me Down – Giuliano Palma & The Bluebeaters
Never Let Me Go – Eddie Holman
Hey There Lonely Boy – Ruby & The Romantics
Tired Of Waiting – The Flock
Don’t Fear The Reaper – The Blue Oyster Cult
I Can Hear You Crying – Eddie Hill
She’s My Beauty Queen – Joe Matthews
Sweet Thing – Billie Kennedy
Someday We’re Gonna Love Again – Barbara Lewis
I Don’t Want to See Myself (Without You) – Terry Callier

Memory Lane . . . . . with The Commissioner
Witch Doctor – Don Lang & His Frantic Five

Cruising for home . . . . .
Matchbox – The Beatles
Blue Jean Shuffle – Plas Johnson
He Knocks Me Out – The Del Moroccos
Band Of Gold – Freda Payne
You Want It, You Got It – The Detroit Emeralds
A Favour For A Girl (With A Love Sick Heart) – Brenda Holloway
Let’s Start A Romance – Little Joe Hinton
Don’t Change Your Pretty Ways – Hank Ballard

Now, we missed our rock violin number in last week’s show, but we got back on track this week with a great cover of the Kinks ‘Tired Of Waiting’ by Chicago rock band The Flock. It’s a track that been included on many rock compilations since it first appeared on their self titled 1969 album and features some fine rock violin from Jerry Goodman. We included some more 70s rock for our good pal The Spongeman, who helped with the broadcast of last week’s show, and it was that classic rock track from the Blue Oyster Cult ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’.

Our trip down Memory Lane this week, took us time travelling back to 1958 and a record by UK trombone player and singer Don Lang. It was his appearance with his band The Frantic Five on the BBC TV show, ‘Six Five Special’, that had excited my interest in their cover of the song ‘Witch Doctor’. So, my pocket money was spent on an HMV 78 copy which doubtless shocked my parents when they heard it!

Whether or not you are convinced by stories about the serenity and order of Cruise Control, this week it certainly got disturbed by Mrs TC lingered long enough on a recent visit to give us her latest Three From Me selection . . . . . and being worldly wise, we gave in gracefully and let her loose.

We covered plenty of ground on our cruise this week and were having such a good time that we didn’t notice the clock, so we barely got home in time. But, we turned the Cruise Mobile around and finished our journey in company with Hank Ballard and The Midnighters and their 1955 single on Federal Records, ‘Don’t Change Your Pretty Ways’. If there were some goodies for you in our playlist, then I am hoping that we can enjoy some more of your good company next week when we’ll get the Cruise Mobile out to do it all again. So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . .  remember . . . . have fun!

  1. Pete Hall says:

    Good stuff on the program last night and a fantastic opening track. Now if gospel can get an occasional airing, how about ‘Christian Automobile’ by the Dixie Hummingbirds. The automobile analogy is clever and the harmony singing is brilliant. It was first released as a single on Peacock in 1959. Howard Carroll is the fine bluesy guitarist on the track and he can also be heard backing Marie Knight on some early 1950’s recordings before he joined the Hummingbirds. I believe he is about 86 now and may still be performing occasionally.

    That was a very nice ‘Three From Me’ from Mrs TC and particularly ‘At Last’, always good to hear Raul Malo. By the way, thanks for the Plas Johnson track and what about the track by him, ‘Georgia On My Mind’ with the great Herb Ellis on guitar – very tasty stuff from ‘The Blues’ album, first released in the mid 70s.

    • The Commissioner says:

      Always a joy to hear from you and the have your very well-informed comments and suggestions. I think we can find some more Plas Johnson and thanks muchly for the lead on the Dixie Hummingbirds . . . . a favourite of Bob Dylan, if I remember rightly. Last I heard about the Mavericks new album was that it had been re-scheduled for a new year release to coincide with some promotional touring . . . . whether that includes the UK remains to be seen . . . . . but I suspect Mrs TC will see it first!!!

  2. The Spinmeister says:

    Another great show, Commish,   Don Lang   OOh ee ooh aah aah.    Your as ancient as me you, you old git!    Glad we’ve still got enough marbles to remember, and rekindle!   How about a bit of Wee Willie Harris or Lord Rockingham’s eleven?   From another one with no tv, and only a friend’s to watch 6-5 special.    Spinmeister


    • The Commissioner says:


      Thanks for the feedback and I’m pleased to know you were singing along (in your own key, no doubt)with Don Lang. Yes, there’s a rich collection of early UK rock ‘n’ roll recordings out there . . . . not all worthy of a place in the hall of fame! But, I think Wee Willie Harris and Lord Rockingham’s XI are certainly most eligible for our playlist. Keep listening!


  3. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Am off to view 2 record collections up for sale tomorra will let u know if any obscurities are among ’em

  4. The Vikster says:

    I thought Don’t Bring Me Down – Giuliano Palma & The Bluebeaters was a great musical treat, as was this week’s Memory Lane track! Ah that one’s a real earworm!! Really rocking this week TC…

  5. The Commissioner says:

    When I heard that version of ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ I knew I had to find a place for it in our playlist . . . and I’m glad I did!

    ‘Witchdoctor’ is real ‘tongue in cheek’ rock song and probably memorable because of that! Glad you enjoyed it.



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