Thunder in the air . . . . .

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Cruising with The Commissioner #76 (27.09.12)

Well, here’s hoping that all has been well with you in your corner of the universe this past week. Indeed, we trust that you have dedicated yourself to our primary Cruising objective . . . . having fun . . . . because that’s what we’re all about when we go Cruising with The Commissioner.

It has been a busy week here and the Cruise Mobile has been doing much travelling, with some pleasant encounters along the way. The weather has been unpredictable and, whilst we have enjoyed much sunshine, the dark rain clouds have not been far away and eager to share their cargo with us along the way. Not surprisingly, our travels have been accompanied by some randomly selected musical tracks, that have turned up some forgotten gems and some favourites that somehow reflected our mood. At one point, the intro of ‘I Wish It Would Rain’ had hardly got to thirb bar, before the heavens opened and driving rain arrived to create an outlook that Hollywood film productions would envy. Some of our travelling tracks have found their way into this week’s playlist with the full intent of maximising your enjoyment quotient.

We started off our musical adventure this week in the company of Big Walter Price & His Thunderbirds with their 1956 recording on Peacock Records of ‘Pack Fair & Square’ and we followed on with Big Boy Bloater’s ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’ and then with Arthur Lee Maye & The Crowns, who gave us a fine piece of ‘real’ R&B called ‘That’s What I’m Gonna Do’. We couldn’t let this pass without some mention of the story about Arthur Lee Maye. He had a very interesting career, because he was not only a fine R&B singer, but he was also a major baseball player for a long list of clubs from Milwaukee, to Houston, to Cleveland, Washington and Chicago.

We included ‘The House of Bamboo’ by Andy Williams as a tribute to the man who became known as a crooner, but started with some tame rockabilly and mild exotica singles. We also featured the track ‘I’ll Come Home’ by 60s Scottish group, The Poets. It was the flipside of their 1966 single on the Immediate label, which was our small goodbye to the Poets’ lead singer George Gallacher, who we lost recently.

And if you’re ready for more (and we always are here) . . . . here’s this week’s playlist:

Cruising into the blue yonder . . . .
Pack Fair & Square – Big Walter Price & His Thunderbirds
Please Don’t Leave Me – Big Boy Bloater
That’s What I’m Gonna Do – Arthur Lee Maye & The Crowns
Love Train – Jackie Wilson
Will Call – Joe Jones
I’m In Love – Beverley Skeete
House of Bamboo – Andy Williams
Don & Dewey – It’s A Beautiful Day
I’ll Come Home – The Poets
Full Tilt Boogie Man – Bare Bones Boogie Band

Three From Me  . . . .  with The Spinmeister
Green Door – Frankie Vaughan
Mannish Boy – Muddy Waters
White Room – Cream

Cruising with Oriole Records (Part 2)
Stubborn Kind Of Fellow – Marvin Gaye
If It’s Love (It’s Alright) – Eddie Holland
Come And Get These Memories – Martha & The Vandellas
Mickey’s Monkey – The Miracles
Fingertips (Part 2) – Little Stevie Wonder
Pills – Mickey Finn & The Bluemen
Dr Feelgood – Rory Storm & The Hurricanes
Shake Sherry Shake – Faron’s Flamingos

Memory Lane . . . . . . with Mike Raven & Blind Willie McTell (5:50)
A Married Man’s A Fool – Blind Willie McTell

Cruising for home . . . .
Guns of Navarone – The Skatalites
Thunder In The Air – The Mustangs
Pink Pedal Pushers – Carl Perkins
Jitterbug Boogie – Albert Lee & Hogan’s Heros
I’ve Just Gotta Tell Somebody – Gloria Lynne
She’s Ready – The Spiral Staircase
Baby What I Mean – The Drifters
Get Your Love Back – The Three Degrees
Sinner Not A Saint – Trini Lopez
Yellow, Mellow Hardtop – Ray Johnson & The Bystanders
Polly Molly – The Five Masks

Well, our cruise this week saw the Cruising orchestra providing an appropriate welcome fanfare for the return of The Spinmeister, who is never at a loss for words. Indeed, he’s proved to be a most persuasive purveyor of words and we’re very grateful that he could find time in his globe trotting commitments to swing by Cruise Control and spin us some records and some stories . . . . and who else could make an entertaining musical journey out of ‘decorating’. Well, the chatroom chatter seemed very clear that The Spinmeister had brought it all together just right!

Our time travel trip down Memory Lane included an honourable mentioned of Mike Raven and his R&B Shows back in the 60s. The comments from members of the Cruising Crew suggested this detour and, most recently, our good pal Arthur Pinetop, encouraged us to play something from an acoustic blues compilation album that was issued by Transatlantic Records back in 1969, which included a commentary on the songs and singers by Mike Raven. So we did!

Well, our quota of cruising time ran out all too soon and we just about managed to arrive home in much the same condition that we left. As ever, we hope that along the way there were some juicy gems in our playlist to taunt and tantalise your musical taste buds. If there were, then we very much hope that we will have your good company again next week, when once again we’ll give you a cheery wave and make you most welcome, as we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . so until then, remember . . . . have fun!

  1. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Great stuff TC. Mike Raven “mench” superb! If I remember rightly, which I seldom do (especially when tis my round) did not the 60s Simon Cowell i.e. Mickie Most record a version of Mickey’s Monkey?

    Arfa Pinetop

  2. Most esteemed Arfa

    Much admired is Mike Raven, especially at Cruise Control, and after extensive consultation, I’m pretty sure it’s your round next.

    Have fun


  3. The Spinmeister says:

    Last night’s show . . . . Most enjoyable and a very skilful bit of editing to make The Spinmeister sound almost interesting!


    The Spinmeister

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