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Posted: August 2, 2012 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Cruising with The Commissioner #69 (02.08.12)

Well, as we return here, I very much hope that the past week has been kind to you and yours. Here in the Grand Duchy we’ve been enjoying the better weather and around here, you couldn’t say that it’s been uneventful. There have been plenty of encounters with some good folks and some encouraging words from new listeners to Cruising with The Commissioner. The week has seen a good deal of coverage of a sporting event that seems to have consumed much money and attention, but it has undoubtedly provided a remarkable platform for all sorts of achievements. But, here at Cruise Control, attentions of The Cruisettes have been on their sponsored walk in support of the Marie Curie Nurses and then an escape across the Atlantic.

As you might expect, this excursion to Washington DC is planned to include some gigs and some tourist sights. So, there should be some sounds and stories to bring back. As a result, Cruise Control will be strangely quiet next Thursday, but our good pal The Spongeman has generously offered to moonlight from his Tuesday night show on Wireless FM and stand in on our Thursday Cruise. So, I hope you’ll make him most welcome, because different it might be, but excellent it will surely be! So, tune in and enjoy cruising with The Spongeman.

We opened our cruise this week with ‘Lollipop Mama’, a track by Wee Willie Harris, who one of the most colourful characters on the early British rock ‘n’ roll scene, discovered at the famous 2i’s coffe bar in in London’s Soho and known for dying his hair all manner of colours (pink, green, orange). As we got rolling well, we went across ‘the pond’ to enjoy the company of Roy Brown and his ‘Diddy-Y-Diddy-O’.

Hopefully, the pleadings of the army of Tiny Tim fans will abate now that we have included their hero in the show, even if it wasn’t ‘Tip Toe Through The Tulips’ or ‘Great Balls Of Fire’, but here’s what we did squeeze into the playlist this week:

Cruising beyond the city limits . . . .
Lollipop Mama – Wee Willie Harris
Diddy-Y-Diddy-O – Roy Brown
Hey Lolly Lolly – Oscar McLollie & His Honey Jumpers
Let The Four Winds Blow – Sandy Nelson
Now Run & Tell That – Denise La Salle
Nip Sip – The Clovers
How Do You Like Your Love – Jimmy McCracklin
Qualifications – The Ovations
Our Day Will Come – The Heptones
Candy Man – Mississippi John Hurt

Three From Me . . . . . The Vikster 
I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash
Walk On the Wild Side – Lou Reed
Walk Of Life – Dire Straits

Cruising in good company . . . .
Blowing Free – Wishbone Ash
Dreamin’ At The Juke – Roy Rogers
Tip On In – Slim Harpo
It’s A Lazy Summer Day – The Peppermint Trolley Company
Mr Dyingly Sad – The Critters
Carrie Anne – Ali Campbell
Love Makes The World Go Round – Deon Jackson
Titanic – Bobby Parker & The Paul Williams Orchestra
Don’t Cry No More – Luther Kent
I Can’t Stand It – Betty Everett & Jerry Butler
Adam & Eve – Lord Myrie with Cecil Mitchel & James Convery

Memory Lane . . . . . with The Commissioner
Hush Now – Curtis Knight & Jimi Hendrix

Cruising for home . . . 
Up From The Skies – Lazy Peterson
Back In The USSR – Charlie Wood
I Saw Her Standing There – Phil Flowers
Got To Get You Into My Life – Earth, Wind & Fire
Leave It in the Hands Of Love – Fontella Bass
Good Lovin’ – The Capitols
Hush Now – King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys

Not for the first time on Cruising with The Commissioner, we played two tracks with the same title, but different songs. This was ‘Hush Now’ from Curtis Knight and Jimi Hendrix, as well as King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys. There was a treat for the soulies with Denise LaSalle and her 45 ‘Now Run & Tell That’ that we liberated last week from the bargain box in the local market and for those who enjoy ‘real’ R&B we featured The Clovers’ recording of a great little number called ‘Nip Sip’.

There can be few around who didn’t know that the Cruisettes were doing their charity walk at the weekend in support of the Marie Curie Nurses. They’ve been really chuffed by all those amongst the Cruising Crew who have made donations on their Just Giving website ( So, it was no surprise to find The Vikster adopting a walking theme for her latest Three From Me selection.

One of the joys this week was finding time to play ‘Candy Man’, a favourite recording by Mississippi John Hurt which was first released as a 78 by Okeh records back in 1928. . . . and on our time travel down Memory Lane, we went back to the early 70s at London’s Royal Albert Hall, where Curtis Knight returned after his earlier appearance with Jimi Hendrix to reprise their recordings at Studio 76 in New York in 1967, only this time the crowd booed him through his set, even through ‘Hush Now’.

This week we played Deon Jackson’s ‘Love Makes The World Go Round’ as a small tribute to Bob Babbit, who played bass on this track and was one of the last surviving members of Motown’s house band, the Funk Brothers, until he passed away last week in Nashville, Tennessee.

With all this going on, we nearly didn’t notice the time slipping away until the rattling tin cans came to remind us it was time to take our leave, dabbing our eyes with our pristine white linen hankie in the hope that there was plenty on our playlist to tempt and tantalise your musical taste buds. As we turned off all the little neons lights on the equipment at Cruise Control, we were hoping that everyone will give a warm welcome to The Spongeman when he takes the wheel for next week’s Thursday night cruise.

So, be good and until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . have fun!

  1. Pete Hall says:

    I really enjoyed Candy Man last night, one of my favourites from when I first heard it in the late 1960’s. Mississippi John Hurt’s Vanguard album recorded live at Oberin College in 1965 is a really warm and intimate gem and well worth getting if you don’t have it already. It was also good to hear Denise La Salle’s Now Run And Tell That. I have it on her Doin’ It Right album which I’ve had since the 70’s. That album was the one immediately after Trapped By A Thing Called Love so I guess they decided a hit single deserved another album outing.

    Pete Hall

  2. Pete

    Good to hear from you and glad you enjoyed the Mississippi John Hurt track and the 45 by Denise La Salle. I was really looking forward to playing them both, so it’s re-assuring to know they’re appreciated.

    I’ll go looking for that Mississippi John Hurt album.

    See you soon


  3. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Just listened to last nights prog.Emp. good stuff although would like to hear your voice a little more huskier. 20 Capstan full strength and a pot on Gran’s beef tea have been dispatched .

    I will give the Spongeman an ear as I am a somewhat messy listener and may well need something cleaned up .


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