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Posted: July 19, 2012 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Cruising with The Commissioner #67 (19.07.12)

Well, I hope that all is well with you and yours in your particular corner of the universe and that you enjoy this week’s playlist on Cruising with The Commissioner. Here in the Grand Duchy, The Cruisettes have posted a ‘missing’ poster for the summer and asked anyone that knows its whereabouts to send it on to them. So far, there has been no response and the posters are very soggy now. Disappointed as they may be, they are clearly not approaching the weekend with the customary tension of farmers and urologists alike on St Swithen’s day. The Dartford Delta and the Weald of Welling may not have basked in day-long sunshine on St Swithen’s day, but the rain kept away, which certainly cheered up those at Cruise Control. Indeed, it may have been even more cheering for some dignitaries in France to note that the 14th July passed without the re-appearance of tumbrils on the streets

Our journeys around ‘this green and pleasant land’ during the week included the odd gig and opportunities to meet up again with some good-humoured folks on our social diary. There’s been much time devoted to sampling a pile of juicy singles and albums that was growing ever higher, due in large part to the efforts of our musical postman, which is just as well, since we have had few fruitful ventures to the music emporiums around and about.

Well, we’ve become accustomed to the visits by The Cruisettes to Cruise Control on Thursday night, demonstrating their carefully choreographed dance steps and getting dangerously close to the records and equipment. But, they are taking time out from their loosely-defined duties on Cruising with The Commissioner and giving up their preferred method of transport for one night only to raise money to help Marie Curie Nurses care for more terminally ill people and their families. They are taking part in Walk Ten Hampshire at Beaulieu on August the 4th, with the benefit of an excellent playlist for the journey and a little help from Mr Merlot and The Commissioner to keep them in order! So, come along if you want to meet The Cruisettes, but more importantly, please sponsor them and help the Marie Curie Nurses provide free care to more terminally ill people when they need it most:

We started off our musical adventure this week in fine style with O’Henry and ‘Wanna Jean’ and followed on with a cracking track from The Isley Brothers called ‘Ring-A-Ling’. But it was a real squeeze to get all that we wanted into the playlist this week and we didn’t quite make it. Indeed, several had to be put in the ‘pending’ tray for another day, which will be a great disappointment to Frankie Howard fans, who have been diligent in pursuing their requests for ‘Three Little Fishes’, but who knows what the future holds! In the meantime, for those who like reading lists and for the keen apostrophe prefects, here’s the playlist for this week’s show:

Cruising for the blue horizon . . . . .
Wanna Jean – O’Henry
Ring-A-Ling – The Isley Brothers
Kiss Me One More Time – Willie Cobbs
Don’t Pass Your Judgement – The Memphis Nomads
What About Me – The Valentinos
Truly Yours – The Spinners
Tracks of My Tears – The California Raisins
Sugar – The Isonics
Pressed Rat & Warthog – Cream

Three From Me . . . . with Lil-Sis
Rhythm of the Rain – The Cascades
Down Came The Rain – Mister Murray
Rain – Status Quo

Cruising with The Cruisettes . . . . . .
Happiness Is – The Association
Spanish Harlem Incident – The Byrds
Love Minus Zero – Leon Russell
Start Me Up – Beverley Skeete
Hello Stranger – The Capitols
Turn On Your Lovelight – Oscar Toney Jr
It’s A Shame – Delroy Wilson
Get Back In Line – Roy Rogers
Green Onions – Jon Lord & The Hoochie Coochie

Memory Lane . . . . . with The Commissioner
Same Old Story – Taste

Cruising for home . . . . .
Up Above My Head – Jools Holland & his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra
All Along The Watchtower – The Buddy Miles Express
Don’t Fear The Reaper – The River Boys
What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) – Santana
You Should’ve Held On – 7th Avenue Aviators
I Need My Baby – Jackey Beavers
Please Keep Away From Me – Elbie Parker
I Can’t Think Of A Thing At All – The Temptations
Tossin’ & Turnin’ – The Supremes
Shake A Hand – Mike Pendicin
Do Lord – Jackie Wilson & Linda Hopkins

One of the regular members of the Cruising Crew is Lil-Sis and I know that she is one of those who listens live to the show on Thursday nights, because we often get her feedback on the playlist during the show. So, we much enjoyed her return this week with her ‘themed’ choice of music for her Three From Me selection. Good choices too, but it was the single from 1965 by Mister Murray that sent us off to find out more . . . . and we did! Mister Murray was the name on the record label for the humorous composition, “Down Came the Rain”. . . a song written and recorded by Mitch Murray, who was responsible for writing many of the hit songs during the height of the Merseybeat period. So, thanks to Lil-Sis for that one, in particular, and am I alone in thinking Mister Murray was much influenced by Norman Wisdom?

Our detour down Memory Lane took us back to 1969 and a visit to one of North London’s premier music venues of the day, Cooks Ferry Inn, in Edmonton. It was here on January 12th in 1969, that the Irish three-piece, Taste, led by blues guitarist and singer, Rory Gallagher, gave one of their powerhouse shows. Their setlist for that night is beyond recall now, except that they always included a particular track from their first album and, so to recapture the moment, we played Taste’s studio recording of ‘Same Old Story’.

We included a little dose of Hammond this week featuring a familiar tune, recorded live by Jon Lord & The Hoochie Coochie Men. This version is probably not as well known as others, except amongst the afficianados, but we played it as a tribute to Jon Lord, who sadly, passed away this week and we savoured his keyboard playing on his interpretation of Green Onions.

Well, those amongst the Cruising Crew with excellent powers of recall will know that we played Melvin James recording of ‘I Need My Baby’ last week and we promised to look out the version by Jackey Beavers, which is just what we did! We also followed on the Bob Dylan and Buddy Miles links from last week and managed to squeeze in Mike Pendicin’s version of ‘Shake a Hand’ . . . . a song that has popped up on past playlists from a variety of artists. But, while we were enjoying ourselves, time crept up on us from behind and we had to do a neat turnaround of the Cruise Mobile and start heading for home. So, to keep our spirits up we found a version of the Big Maybelle number ‘Do Lord’ by Jackie Wilson & Linda Hopkins, which brought us home in style.

As we said our farewells The Cruisettes reminded us of their invitation to all to come and meet them on their sponsored walk at Beaulieu on August the 4th. It’s all in a good cause, so do check out the Just Giving website ( for details of how to help.

All being well, we’ll aim to call by for you again next week in time to go Cruising with The Commissioner and in the meantime . . . remember to . . . . have fun!

  1. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Cheers TC

    Tell me are you still ruunning rings round Officer Dibble and how’s Benny and the rest of the gang ?

  2. The Commissioner says:


    Surely so . . . . still appearing weekly . . . . just a different theme tune now!

    Glad you still enjoy the fun!


  3. The Commissioner says:


    Surely so! Still a weekly show . . . . just a new theme tune . . . . glad to have you along with the rest of the gang now.

    Have fun!


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