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Posted: February 16, 2012 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Cruising with The Commissioner #46 (16.02.12)

Well, it was good to bid a hearty welcome to one and all for this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner and get us all prepared for our joyride across musical frontiers, in and out of time zones and jumping genres. This week, the snows came to chill us here in the Grand Duchy, but the sunshine broke through to cheer us. So, we were inspired to assemble another playlist that would bring smiles to the faces of the Cruising Crew and demonstrate our customary warm welcome. Indeed, we went enthusiastically in search of some juicy gems that might provide a joyous journey on our cruise and I think we did!

We started off with ‘You Got The Bucks’ from the Blues Brothers and we hardly stopped to draw breath before following fast with Eli Paperboy Reed and ‘Take My Love With You’ During the week an eagerly awaited 45 landed here at Cruise Control via our musical postman. This was Little Esther & Big Al Downing with a track called ‘You Don’t Miss Your Water’ that was featured recently by fellow Wireless FM DJ Johnny Alpha on his Killer Diller show. I thought it deserved another play and so we did just that.

One of the recent enjoyable evenings was an evening of South African music in London that was a superb reminder of how infectious that music can be. It encouraged some dancing digits along the dusty shelves of the Cruising Library to pull out some examples to bring to you this week . . . . let’s call it a ‘rock’ influence. We certainly had to include Miriam Makeeba and we went looking for some other South African style tracks that could bring some welcome sunshine to the playlist.

Our Peter Green feature in last week’s show seemed to get some good feedback and some of the comments pointed out that there is even more that we could have included. So, we might slip a few of those into the playlists for future shows. Much enthusiasm has been generated over the years by David Seville and The Chipmunks, but I suspect that this week’s playlist will be a disappointment to their fans, since it doesn’t reflect anything from their considerable recorded works, but here’s what we did play:

Cruising for the blue horizon . . .
You Got The Bucks – The Blues Brothers
Take My Love With You – Eli Paperboy Reed
You Don’t Miss Your Water – Little Esther & Big Al Downing
Twistin’ Postman – The Marvelettes
Hold It – Lelan Rogers
What About Me – The Valentinos
There Can Be A Better Way – The Smith Brothers
I Can Tell I’m Losing You – Jeanette Williams
Just Like That – Bobby Sheen
Time To Move On – Paul Carrick

Three From Me . . . . . with Lil-Sis
Hey Girl Don’t Bother Me – The Tams
Pefect Day – Lou Reed
Our Day Will Come – Amy Winehouse

Cruising around town . . . .
Pennywhistle – Mango Groove
Pata Pata – Miriam Makeeba
You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon
Sunshine Day – Osibisa
Respect – Aretha Franklin
I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston
Live it up – Chris Isaak

Memory Lane . . . with The Commissioner
The Alexis Korner Blues & Soul Show
Respect Yourself – The Staple Singers
All Along The Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix
Fat Man In The Bathtub – Little Feat

Cruising for home . . . .
Chicken Pickin’ – Lonnie Mack
You Know, Yeah! – Pee Wee Crayton
Crazy Lover – Richard Berry
Say Mama – Gene Vincent
Jump The Joint – Eugene Hideaway Bridges
Move It On Over – Georgie Fame
Daddy Cool – The Silhouettes
Having A Party – Sam Cooke
Road Runner – Junior Walker & The Allstars
Little Turtle Dove – Otis Williams & His Charms

Well, all too soon we realised that it was time to be heading for home and we did that with Junior Walker & The Allstars and a great Motown floor filler from the 70s ‘Road Runner’ . . . . and to finish off with a flourish we cued up ‘Little Turtle Dove’ from Otis Williams & His Charms . . . . and that got us home safe and sound for another week’s Cruising with the Commissioner.

Lil-Sis came back to present another Three From Me and gave a taste on current and past tracks that have a special relevance for her. It was good to hear from her and share her music and stories. I think we should put her on the ‘welcome visitors’ list at Cruise Control and encourage her back soon.

This week’s venture down Memory Lane found us in good company, because we went back to the 1970s to listen in to part of a radio show from one of the UK’s great proponents of rock, blues and soul . . . . Alexis Korner. He was an early blues enthusiast and was very influential in fostering interest in blues music in the UK. So it was good to hear a little of the later rock and soul music that had influenced him too. Particular thanks are due to our good pal Pete Hall for sharing this recording and providing a great piece of radio for us all.

If you’ve enjoyed the journey, then I hope you’ll be back again next week for another adventure into rock soul and real rhythm and blues. Until then I thank you for your good company and wish you a great week ahead. If you can’t wait till the next show, why not take a listen to the Tuesday night mafia on Wireless FM, where they’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse and play you music you’ll never forget.

So, until we once again go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . .have fun!

  1. The Vikster says:

    Particularly enjoyed the “Cruising around town” section and Sunshine Day.

  2. We aim to please . . . . and it’s good to have you on board for our cruising. Osibisa gave us some great tracks and ‘Sunshine Day’ is probably one of most enduring.

    Have fun!


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