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Posted: December 15, 2011 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen to this week’s show here:

Cruising with The Commissioner #37 (15.12.11)

Well, the seasonal spirit is very evident around here and The Cruisettes have even put some seasonal decorations around Cruise Control to ensure we have no excuse to be anything but jolly on Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . as if we are ever anything else !!!! So, this week we were in particularly good spirits to go cruising across musical frontiers, in and out of time zones and jumping genres in pursuit of the very best in rock, soul and real rhythm & blues. There’s been a lot going on here lately and plenty of pre-Xmas travelling to catch up with friends and family.

We heard from some of our Cruising guests this week, including Richard Mann, DJ Leyton Rocks, The Vikster, John Burgess, Lil-Sis, Phil Tyler, Mick Clark and Joe Duckworth. There was even a reported sighting of DJ Captain Scarlet. The Spongeman and Mumbles are amongst the frequent visitors to the chatroom during the Cruising shows and we are trying to persuade them (and one or two other guests) to come and share a ‘Three From Me’ for a future show.

Our cruise started off this week with ‘ Flipping Their Top’ by The Egyptians and followed up quickly with ‘Shake A Tail Feather’ by the Five Du-Tones . . . . which is the earliest version of the song that I can find . . . . and if you know of an earlier version, I want to hear from you . . . and soon! There have been some very welcome additions to the cruising library this week and we’ll be sure to include some of those in future playlists here.

In compiling last week’s Cruising with The Commissioner playlist we missed the birthday of Tom McGuiness, but we caught up this week and played Sha La La by Manfred Mann with Tom playing on the popular cover of The Shirelles song. Listening to the new Amy Winehouse album this week was a reminder of that great 60s hit ‘Our Day Will Come’ and I went a-rummaging in the Cruising library for the version by Ruby & The Romantics . . . great stuff.

If you’ve been listening to the show over recent weeks, you will know that we have featured various versions of the Jimmy Jones hit ‘Handy Man’ and this week we found another, this time by Frank Black & The Teenage Fanclub and they certainly gave it a distinctive treatment.

One of the joys of the past week was joining the birthday celebrations for our good pal DJ Leyton Rocks and what a time that was with plenty of music, family, friends and colleagues, including many friendly faces who feature amongst the Cruising Crew. By way of a happy memory of those celebrations, here’s a favourite of DJ Leyton Rocks . . . . this is Bob Seger and Rosalie (which featured in the birthday band’s set for the evening) and we followed on with a Badfinger track that went down particularly well in the DJ set.

This week’s playlist provides an arid wilderness for avid fans of Esther and Abi Ofarim, but here’s what we did squeeze in:

Cruising for the border . . . .
Flipping Their Top – The Egyptians
Shake A Tail Feather – The Five Du-Tones
Don’t Push, Don’t Pull, Don’t Shove – The Willows
Don’t Be Ashamed – Jackie Lee
Randy – The Cookies
Walk Away Renee – Four Tops
Locking up my Heart – The Marvelettes
Sha La La – Manfred Mann
Our Day Will Come – Ruby & The Romantics
Handy Man – Frank Black & The Teenage Fanclub

Three From Me . . . . . . Lil-Sis
Private Number – William Bell & Judy Clay
My Generation – The Who
Rock With The Caveman – Tommy Steele

Cruising with friends . . . .
Play It Cool – Freddie King
Eye On You – Killing Floor
I Can’t Wait To See My Baby’s Face – Aretha Franklin
I’ll Be Around – Seal
Choosing Up On You – The Dramatics
Rudy A Message To You – Dandy Livingstone
Gonzo – James Booker

Cruising with no particular place to go . . . .
Getting Tired, Tired, Tired – The Orioles
No Time – The Titans
I’ll Never Let You Get Away – Bill Dennis
Have Faith In Me – Sugar & Spices
Time Stand Still – Rush
Don’t Fear The Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult
Rosalie – Bob Seger
No Matter What – Badfinger
Love Your Shoes – Furniture

Memory Lane . . . . with The Commissioner
Cruisin’ 1958 with Jack Carney on WIL St Louis
Short Shorts – The Royal Teens
Rock ‘N’ Roll Music – Chuck Berry

Cruising for home . . . .
Mercy Mercy – Don Covay
You Better Dig It – Bill Johnson & The Four Steps Of Rhythm
Sandy – The Colonaires
(Do You Wanna) Jump Children – Dave Bartholomew

We welcomed back Lil-Sis for another ‘Three From Me’ and she gave us some stories of the events and music that for her bring back the rich musical memories of the 60s and 70s. She was smooth and relaxed, despite some hectic events, and we were pleased to have her company in the chatroom where she picked out some of her favourite tracks from the rest of the show’s playlist.

Although we marked the sad passing of Don Covay in last week’s Cruising with The Commissioner, but we returned to the distinctive voice of Don Covay this week with his ‘Mercy Mercy’ which has some tasteful guitar work of a very early Jimi Hendrix. We also included a little ‘find’ from Bill Johnson & The Four Steps Of Rhythm with one of the first two recordings on Talos Records which was a label created in 1958 by Charles Douglas and then governor of Georgia, Carl Saunders to showcase local talent.

We were enjoying our cruise, but time caught up with us and we had to head for home, so we did it in with the rocking rhythm of The Colonaires and their 45 on Ember records ‘Sandy’ and we even managed to squeeze in ‘Jump Children’ by Dave Bartholomew . . . . and then we reached our cruising capacity.

Well, we certainly had fun at Cruise Control and we hope that our musical adventures provided you with good times too. It’s always a joy to have your company . . . . . and grateful thanks go to Wireless FM for allowing me this time to play the music I like to who ever I like. If there was something in our playlist that you enjoyed, perhaps you might come back next week, when once again we can go Cruising with The Commissioner and if you can’t wait till then . . . . why not try the Tuesday night Mafia on Wireless FM, where they’l make you an offer you can’t refuse and play you music you’ll never forget.

So until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . have fun!

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