Strange brew . . . .

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen to this week’s show here:

Cruising with The Commissioner #29 (20.10.11)

Well, here we are again and I extend a warm welcome to one and all for our adventure in sound that we call Cruising with The Commissioner. Sunshine has returned to the Grand Duchy along with some chilly mornings and evenings, but whatever the weather where you are, I hope that you are going to enjoy this week’s vaguely guided tour, across musical frontiers, in and out of time zones and jumping genres.

There have been plenty of friendly faces around Cruise Control this week, with some very enjoyable encounters with The Vikster, Phil Tyler and DJ Leyton Rocks. Their visits were a welcome diversion from the daunting task of tidying the Cruising library. The careful attention to good order and proper filing in the Cruising library has probably been run second to (any) other priorities recently and there have been a few ‘displaced delights’ that we’ve been searching for and happily re-discovered, along with some that we didn’t know we’d lost! So, there was plenty to squeeze into the playlist and we set off in the company of Mark Hummel with his ‘Seven Nights to rock’ and followed up with a gem from Ted Taylor with ‘Somebody Keeps Trying’.

If you listened to last week’s show, you’ll know that we played Sam’s Cooke’s ‘Nothing can change this love’, which was inspired by hearing The Revolutionaires’ live cover. But, in searching out Sam’s version, I discovered that he recorded another – more poppy version – which remained unreleased for many years. . . . . and, I’m sure our good pal Pete Hall will know the story behind this . . . . but, as you might expect, I couldn’t resist the temptation to play this one too.

Listening to ‘Here She Comes Now’ by Sonny Fulton & The Will-ettes, I was struck by how much Sonny’s voice reminded me of Jackie Wilson and that was more than enough reason to play something from the great man himself . . . .  and many others! Sadly, due to early closing at the local charity shop, we were not able to include a track from Des O’Connor, despite the many requests . . . . but here’s the playlist anyway:

Cruising for fun
Seven Nights To Rock – Mark Hummel
Somebody’s Always Trying – Ted Taylor
I Gotta Get Myself A Woman – The Drifters
Now That We’ve Found Love – The O’Jays
Nothing Can Change This Love – Sam Cooke
Not Fade Away – Roy Rogers
All Along The Watchtower – Larry McCray
Nobody But You – The Lafayettes

Three From Me . . . . with Phil Tyler
Heart Of Gold – Neil Young
Walk Away – Joe Walsh
Strange Phenomena -Kate Bush

Cruising outta town . . . .
Gotta Get Away – Billy Butler & The Enchanters
Here She Comes Now – Sonny Fulton & The Will-ettes
So Many Cute Little Girls – Jackie Wilson
How Can You Tell Me – The Flirtations
I’m Not Gonna Cry Baby – Ann Byers
Diploma For Two – Chuck Berry
Learning To Fly  – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Three Cool Tracks . . . from DJ Leyton Rocks
Follow Me – Lyme & Cybelle
Follow The Children – Bob Seger
Follow Me – Gert Wilden & His Orchestra

Cruising into the sunset
Poor Little Heartbreaker – The Timebox
Mystery – The Montanas
You Can Understand Me – Mike Stuart Span
I Can’t Make A Friend – The Vagrants
Hold It – Duane Yates
Steam – Mandrake Paddle Steamer
A Great Big Thing – Barbara Brown
Strange Brew – Michael Udelson & Pat Klobas

Cruising for home . . . .
You Got The Bucks – The Blues Brothers
You Did The Best You Could – Candy & The Kisses
I Lost A Good Thing – Gwen Owen (Sidra)
Chimpanzee. – Count Yates
My Love Is Your Love (Forever) – The Isley Brothers
Big Time Operator – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

The red carpet and the ceremonial welcomes got well used this week as we welcomed back Phil Tyler for another Three From Me . . . . and some selections that contrasted well with his previous choices. The Cruising cheerleaders were also out to welcome DJ Leyton Rocks when he sauntered into Cruise Control, fresh from his international travels, to bring us his latest ‘Three Cool Tracks’ and they were well worth waiting for, as you’ll hear.

This week also saw the birthdays of Chuck Berry and Tom Petty, so we played something from each by way of a small celebration. We were having such a good time during the show that, almost before we knew it, our feast of rock, soul and ‘real’ rhythm and blues was over. So, with a sigh we started heading for home and, as ever, we were grateful to have such good company on our cruise and to have Wireless FM continuing to provide a slot on Thursday nights to enable me to play the music I enjoy. If you’ve enjoyed it too, then I hope we can entice you back again next week when we’ll get the Cruise mobile out to go Cruising with The Commissioner once again.

If you can’t wait till then, why not cruise by and hear the Tuesday night mafia on Wireless FM, where they’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse and play you music you’ll never forget.

So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner together . . . . have fun!

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