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Posted: September 29, 2011 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Cruising with The Commissioner #26 (29.09.11)

Well, it’s been a good week here in the Grand Duchy. The weather has warmed up a bit and there have been plenty of social adventures, including some great gigs, featuring some stunning performances . . . . but more that later . . . . so the Cruisettes have been having fun. There have also been some fruitful visits to the local music emporiums, with the return journeys bringing a goodly selection of tracks into the Cruising library . . . . . some of which we managed the squeeze into this week’s Cruising with the Commissioner.

Although we gallantly attempted to reduce the height of the ‘pending tray’ last week, it has crept up again to the point of being cited as a dangerous structure. So, we picked as many as we could for your listening pleasure (I hope) this week. It was good to get Romp & Stomp Blues by Mercy Dee onto the playlist and give a spin to Candy & The Kisses with ‘Smokey Joe’s’ . . . . and we’ll probably include a track or two more from them over the weeks to come. We played the instrumental version last week and just couldn’t resist including the vocal version of ‘Love Machine’ by McKinley Jackson & The Politicians. We enjoyed hearing again Maxine Brown’s ‘Oh No Not My Baby’ last week and our rummaging in the Cruising library turned up a great cover by Aretha Franklin which deserved a spot in this week’s show . . . . I hope you agree.

This week’s show is a bit of a departure from our usual format, because we are marking 6 months of Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . and there are some who might have doubted that we would have reached this point, including myself. In the midst of the ensuing euphoria, we decided it was an excellent excuse to celebrate the great music and contributions that our Cruising guests have made over these weeks and months, so we put together a feature that we called ‘Back On Track’ to indulge in a little déjà vu with you. (“Nothing new in that” . . . . I hear you cry!)

Our playlist got pretty full with our ‘Back On Track’ feature, so due apologies to the Victor Silvester fanclub for not being able to give ol’ Vic a spin this week, but here’s what we did squeeze into the playlist:

Cruising outta town . . . . . 
Hey Girl, Hey Boy – Jeanette Baker & Oscar McLollie
You Cried – Jackie Wilson
Romp & Stomp Blues – Mercy Dee
Smokey Joe’s – Candy & The Kisses
Love Machine – McKinley Jackson & The Politicians
Oh No Not My Baby – Aretha Franklin
I Don’t Wanna Know – Dr John
I’ll Be Back Someday – The Nimmo Brothers

Back On Track . . . . . 
The Beat That Can’t Be Beat – Jan & Arnie (presented by DJ Leyton Rocks)
10 Miles High – David and the Giants (presented by Paul Devine)
Giddy Up A Ding Dong – Alex Harvey (presented by Max Quirk)
Transfusion – Nervous Norvus (presented by DJ Captain Scarlet)
Dirty By The Dozen – Little Johnny Jones and the Chicago Hound Dogs (presented by DJ Wheeliebag)
Early In The Morning – Bobby Darin & Buddy Holly (presented by Amigo)
Passenger – The Conqueroo (presented by The Spongeman)
Sweets For My Sweet – The Searchers (presented by Richard Mann)
Going Back To Miami – The Blues Brothers (presented by The Vikster)
You Send Me – Otis Redding (presented by Mr T)
Cry Me A River – Joe Cocker (presented by Mrs TC)
Hope Leaves – Opeth (presented by Mark)
Drifting – Jimi Hendrix (presented by Phil Tyler)
Nobody – The Invincibles (presented by The Majestic)
Calm Down – Killing Floor (presented by Mick Clarke)
Surfin’ USA – The Beach Boys (presented by Lil-Sis)
Eight Miles High – The Byrds (presented by The Shake)

Cruising for home . . . .
All That Heaven Will Allow – Bruce Springsteen
Looking For A Lover – The Patterson Twins
I Need You More Than Ever – The Montclairs
Hitch Hike To Heartbreak Road – Bobo Mr Soul
Hide Nor Hair – Herbert Hunter (as Leroy Jones)

The gig list this week included a stunning set from The Nimmo Brothers. It was a simply stomping show from start to finish, with superb musicianship, tight arrangements and great stage presence. The crowd were on their feet, stomping and cheering for ages at the end and everyone left (eventually) with a memory of a good humoured, well-honed, rocking show from one of the UK’s leading rock/blues bands. So, we had to include one of their tracks in the playlist for you to hear too . . . . but they’re even better live! Another act that left a lasting impression was Aaron Keylock, who is a 13 year old blues guitarist and vocalist with the technique and swagger of a seasoned player. He showed his skills on slide guitar too and turned an initially curious audience into an enthusiastic, cheering and clapping crowd who continued their show of appreciation long after the band had left the stage . . . and rightly so!

Well, it was Bruce Springsteen’s birthday during the past week and, as a small celebration, I was going to play his live version of the soul classic ‘Raise Your Hand’, but at the last minute I decided to play his version of ‘All That Heaven Will Allow’. The Cruisettes know the song well by Raul Malo & The Mavericks and they joined in the singing . . . . each in their own key!

We were having a good time at Cruise Control and enjoying the soul selection, but all too quickly time ran out. So, we closed the show in good spirits and I headed off with The Cruisettes for a small ‘half year’ celebration . . . . where the good spirits prevailed. I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s cruise too, whether you listen live or on our website. It’s always fun to have your company and I hope we might entice you back again next week for another musical adventure, when once again we’ll go Cruising with The Commissioner.

In the meantime, don’t miss the Tuesday Night Mafia on Wireless FM, where they’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse and play you music that you’ll never forget.

So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . have fun!

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