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Posted: September 9, 2011 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Cruising with The Commissioner #23 (08.09.11)

Well, welcome to Cruising with The Commissioner, which remarkably retains its reputation as a vaguely supervised journey across musical frontiers, in and out of time zones, and jumping genres. The ‘pending tray’ at Cruise Control has been growing week by week and the challenge is to cram as much into the playlist as possible . . . . and we try our best, believe me!

The music emporiums in and around the Grand Duchy have received visits over the past few days and with the help of our musical postman, there have been some excellent new entrants to the Cruising library this week and you will get to hear these over future weeks, as we try to entertain and amuse you.

This week we quickly got up to cruising speed with Big Time Operator from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (not the Zoot Money/Charlie Rich song) and we couldn’t resist including Bernard Hardison’s version of Too Much . . . . something that Mr Presley must have heard enjoyed, because he recorded his version too.

If you listened to Tuesday’s ‘Welcome to the Spongelab’ show on Wireless FM, you’ll have heard The Spongeman play a track or two from an excellent triple sampler ‘The Music People’ issued in the 70s by CBS. It was a reminder that there was a copy of that sampler in the Cruising library, so we found it just to play Johnny Winter’s version of ‘Jumping Jack Flash’. We played the Thelma Houston version last week and that was encouragement enough to hear Johnny Winter again.

Another legacy of last week’s show was the eagerness of The Cruisettes to revisit the ‘cocktail’ theme. It attracted their considerable interest, so we gathered together some more serenades to the spirits with a timely reminder about the sobriety of newts . . . . after their past escapades!

It was a real pleasure to welcome back The Vikster for another Three From Me slot this week. The choices ranged across many decades, but each had its own story and place in this selection. Never a disappointment, so we will leave an open invitation for another visit to Cruising with The Commissioner whenever The Vikster is passing.

Cruising for fun
Big Time Operator – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Too Much – Bernard Hardison
Worth Every Tear I Cry – Dee Dee Warwick
Lonely Lonely Girl – The Velvelettes
So Fine – The Santells
Jumping Jack Flash – Johnny Winter
La La La La La – The Blendells
Talk That Talk – The Du-Droppers

Three From Me . . . . with The Vikster
Going Down – Marcus Bonfanti
Going Back To Miami – The Blues Brothers
Route 66 – Chuck Berry

Cruising with cocktails again
Sheila Tequila – Doug Sahm
Vicious Vicious Vodka – Amos Milburn
Wine, Whiskey & Women – Papa Lightfoot
Pink Champagne – Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames
Drinking Wine Spo-dee-o-dee – Johnny Burnette & The Rock n Roll Trio
Cool Martini – The Blue Jeans
Rum & Coca Cola – Professor Longhair
Moonlight Cocktails – The Rivieras
Too Much Tequila – The Champs

Cruising the highway
Where Did Our Love Go – Donnie Elbert
Easier Said Than Done – The Essex
Hang My Head & Cry – The Big Guys
It’s A Shame – The Spinners
I Put A Spell On You – Joe Cocker
Runaway – The Chantelles
Somebody’s Always Trying To Take My Baby Away – Ted Taylor
Hard Times Come Easy – Ritchie Sambora

Cruising for home
Alone Again Or – The Damned
Eve Of Destruction – The Red Rockers
I-Yi – The Hawks
Framed – The Robins
I‘m On Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis
Little Girl – The Riffs
The Girl Done Got It Together – Bobby Doyle

We missed our trip down memory lane this week, because we were intent on cramming in all we could from the playlist, but our guided tours down that shadowy ally will be back and we’ve filed a missing persons report for The Shake. (In case he’s being held for ransom, we’ve taken up a collection amongst the Cruising Crew).

The chatroom chatter picked up on the tracks by The Essex, Joe Cocker, The Damned and Richie Sambora, in particular, and added a few suggestions for inclusion in future playlists. But, we’d hardly settled in and it was time to start collecting up the records and CDs and putting them in those neat little piles that we always promise to file away in the Cruising library ‘when we have a moment or two to spare’. If it all goes to plan (you can see that optimism still abounds here), we will have sorted most (if not all) of them in time for next week’s Cruising with The Commissioner.

It is always fun to have your company, whether you listen live or on our website. I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s cruise and there was something to entice you back again next week for another musical adventure, when once again we can go Cruising with The Commissioner.

In the meantime, don’t miss the Tuesday Night Mafia on Wireless FM, where they’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse and play you music that you’ll never forget.

So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . have fun!

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