I hear music in the air . . . .

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen to this week’s show here:

Cruising with The Commissioner #15 (14.07.11)

Well, while France closed for business to celebrate Bastille Day, Cruise Control was decidedly open and ready to celebrate . . . . . anything to do with great rock, soul and ‘real’ rhythm ‘n’ blues music.

This week saw a deal of activity, with previous contributors to Cruising with The Commissioner calling by or getting in touch and a number of them will be appearing again on ‘Three From Me’, or even one of our occasional ‘Talk To Me’ sessions. Mrs TC seized the opportunity of an unguarded moment to sneak into Cruise Control and record another ‘Three From Me’. Given the date, I think we should be grateful that she didn’t decide to choose anything from her collection of 60’s French pop vinyl . . . . !

Phil Tyler came by Cruise Control on his Harley Davidson Fat Boy with some tracks that he’d borrowed from the Cruising library and a bit of encouragement to play some Jimi Hendrix and Chuck Berry while we’re cruising. So, the ‘Merry Mr Berry’ got a run out this week with ‘No Particular Place To Go’ . . . . which seemed most appropriate for Cruising with The Commissioner. Our good pal, Mr. T. was in touch and confessed that he was agonizing long over which of his many favourite tracks he might have to leave out of his next ‘Three From Me’ slot, and we heard from The Shake and DJ Leyton Rocks, whose good company and contributions are always very welcome.

I am grateful to Seph (South London’s fashion and music buff) for pointing me to the TV show about Sister Rosetta Tharpe and her fascinating life-story. It was a timely nudge to play something from her repertoire. So, this week we included ‘Up above My Head, I Hear Music In the Air’, which seemed very much in keeping with Cruising with The Commissioner and certainly got a good response in the Wireless FM chatroom.

Last week we played Jackie Wilson’s version of the Sam Cooke song ‘I’ll Always Be In Love With You’ and we hinted that we would go searching for the 1959 version by the Hollywood Flames, under the title ‘Every Day, Every Way (I’ll Always Be In Love With You). Well, we found a copy (with some help from Pete Hall). This was their first Atco release, when the group was fronted by Eddie Williams (former lead of the Aladdins) and baritone Ray Brewster (formerly of the Penguins). It certainly has a very Sam Cooke influence . . . . so enjoyment guaranteed.

Each week there is a real challenge to bring order out of chaos after the show and try to return the records and CDs to their rightful place in the Cruising library. This worthy activity is often overtaken by ‘high powered inertia’ with consequences that were revealed in this week’s show. You go looking for something and it is not where it should be, but all the more joy when it is discovered . . . . as with ‘Clap Your Hands’ by Memphis Slim. One item, an album by Larry Williams and Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson, was just where it should be and we pulled it off the shelf to play their version of the Yardbird’s hit, ‘For Your Love’ . . . . which certainly had a ‘wow’ factor for fellow Wireless FM DJ The Spongeman, who was in the chatroom. Well, we like to surprise and delight! 

For the keen archivists or those with a casual curiosity (and with due apologies to the Friends of Mario Lanza for the obvious omission), here’s the playlist for this week’s show:

Cruising for fun . . . .

Let’s Rock ‘n’ Roll – The Cadets

Boogie Woogie King – Jimmy Liggins & His Band

No Second Thoughts – Top Shelf

Because I Love You – Willie Hightower

Water – Steamhammer

Junior’s Wailing – Steamhammer

Up Above My Head, I Hear Music In the Air – Sister Rosetta Tharpe (with Marie Knight)

Every Day, Every Way (I’ll Always Be In Love With You) – The Hollywood Flames

It’s All Over But The Crying – Baby Washington

For Your Love – Larry Williams & Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson

This Girl – Jordan Zeavons

Three From Me  . . . . Mrs TC

Bad Things – Jace Everett

Before You Accuse Me – Eric Clapton

Cry Me A River – Joe Cocker

Cruising some more . . . .

Some Postman – The Presidents of The United States of America

Go Your Own Way – Nanna

Showdown – Patty & The Emblems

Dumplin’s – Doc Bagby

Bongo Rock – Preston Epps

Denise – Randy & The Rainbows

Sh-Boom – The Crew Cuts

Having A Party – Sam Cooke

Destination Anywhere – The Marvelettes

Dum Dum – Brenda Lee

Clap Your Hands – Memphis Slim

You Need To Be With Me – Susan Tedeschi

Hit & Miss – John Barry Seven

Be Mine – Lance Fortune 

Memory Lane . . . . . with the Shake

What Do You Think You’re Doing Of – Billy Fury

Cruising for home . . . . .

Double Eyed Whammy – Tommy Ridgley

Feels Good – Bobby Wilson

Good Lovin’ – The Olympics

I See You – The Byrds

Only In America – Jay & The Americans

No Particular Place To Go – Chuck Berry

Stay Close to me – The Five Stairsteps & Cubie

Can’t Buy My Love – Barbara Lynn

Baby Workout – Jackie Wilson

Respectable – The Isley Brothers

Polly Molly – The Five Masks

 The ‘competing priorities’ this week meant that there was less time than usual for rummaging in the dark corners of the Cruising library for lost and forgotten gems to share in your good company. But, the turntables have not been idle in preparing this week’s playlist for Cruising with The Commissioner. We welcomed The Hollywood Flames, Patty & The Emblems and the superb, three volume collection, The Sound Stage 7 Story . . . . the joys of which will doubtless get shared with the Cruising Crew in future playlists.

As we went cruising and enjoying the scenery, the Cruisettes were keenly watching out for The Shake, because they always look forward to his detours down Memory Lane. They are captivated by the mysteries and secrets that he reveals in the shadowy corners down there. This week it was a salute to a great music buff, whose reputation has traveled across continents and as far as the Grand Duchy of Bexleyheath.

Well, if you have enjoyed this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner, perhaps you’ll join me in grateful thanks to Wireless FM, who (for reasons best known to them) continue to allow me each week to subject any passing listener to my choice of music. The feedback from folks who catch the show live or on the website is always encouraging and I am impressed at the range and depth of musical knowledge that is revealed in their contributions. However you stumbled upon the show, I hope you’ll join me next Thursday for another festival of rock, soul and real RnB, when once again we’ll go Cruising with The Commissioner.

If you can’t wait till then, why not take a listen to the Tuesday Night Mafia on Wireless FM, where they’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse and play music you’ll never forget.

Until the next time we go Cruising together, have fun!

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