Dancing fast, dancing slow . . . .

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen to this week’s show here:
Cruising with The Commissioner #14 (07.07.11)

Well, this has been one of those weeks where the unexpected crept up from behind to disturb, but not disrupt, the natural equilibrium of the carefully crafted plans for enjoyment. The feedback from last week’s Cruising with The Commissioner, and the guest spot on Johnny Alpha’s Killer Diller show was positive and it was re-assuring to know that the playlist was enjoyed by others out there in Cruising land.

We opened up the show this week with Sam Cooke’s song ‘Well Alright’, a track from to album, ‘The Explosive Little Richard’. A few weeks back we played his earlier Specialty recording of this song and mentioned our fruitless efforts to find Sam’s own version. To ease our frustration, our good pal, Pete Hall, (who is a bit of an expert on such things) confirmed that Sam had not issued any recording of this song himself. As if that was not enough, Pete continued this pursuit of Sam Cooke songs that he did not record himself, and found another . . . . . the song ‘I Know I’ll Always Be In Love With You”. This appears on Jackie Wilson’s 1959 ‘So Much’ album. It’s credited to Barbara Campbell (Sam’s second wife) the name also used by Sam for ‘Wonderful World’ and other songs. It was recorded by The Pilgrim Travelers (featuring Lou Rawls) on the Keen label in 1959 under the name The Travelers and by Johnnie Taylor in 1962 (produced by Sam on his SAR records label) both those versions have the title ‘I’ll Always Be In Love With You”. But real aficionados will appreciate, the 1959 version by the Hollywood Flames, under the title ‘Every Day, Every Way (I’ll Always Be In Love With You), as it has a very Sam Cooke influence and this sent us off in hot pursuit. While we await its arrival in the Cruising library, we played Jackie Wilson’s version . . . . and very good it was too!

This week’s ‘Three From Me’ slot was filled by The Vikster, with a few more modern tracks than she has offered on her previous visits. Her selection got some positive comment in the Wireless FM chatroom and we can never be sure what she’s going to play, but it’s always good stuff.

For the keen archivists or those with a casual curiosity, here’s the playlist for this week’s show (with due apologies for not squeezing in some Liberace):

Cruising for fun . . . .
Well Alright – Little Richard
Crazy With You – Jeanette & Decky
Red Hot – Billy ‘The Kid’ Emerson
Wild Child – The Sapphires
How Long (Has This Been Going On) – Bobby Womack
Memphis – Lonnie Mack
The In Crowd – Brian Auger
Double Eyed Whammy – Freddy King
Dixie Chicken – Little Feat
I Wanna Go Home – Roy Milton
Beverly – Billy Watkins
The Ta Ta Song – Little Henry & The Shamrocks
All About My Girl – Jimmy McGriff
Dancing Fast, Dancing Slow – The Intentions

Three from me . . . . . The Vikster
What Am I To Do – Virgil & The Accelerators
Still Want You – Elio Pace & His Band
It’s OK – Cee Lo Green

Cruising on up the road . . .
96 Tears – Jimmy Ruffin
Please Mr Postman – The Marvelettes
I Had A Fight With Love – Veda Brown
Little Darlin’ (I Need You) – Marvin Gaye
I Feel Good All Over – Betty Lavette
Vacating The Blues – Sherman Robertson
The Hunter – Albert King
Walk In My Shadow – Free
Mercy Mercy – Johnny & Edgar Winter

Memory Lane . . . . . with The Commissioner
Arnie ‘Woo Woo’ Ginsburg, Radio WMEX, Boston
Freddie Cannon jingle
Tossin’ & Turnin’ – Bobby Day

Cruising for home . . . . .
Honey Don’t – Carl Perkins
I’ll Always Be In Love With You – Jackie Wilson
Rice Is Nice – The Lemon Pipers
Camilla Rhodes – Jordan Zeavons
One Way Love – Cliff Bennett & the Rebel Rousers
The Girl Done Got It Together – Bobby Doyle
How Sweet It Is To be Loved By You – Junior Walker & The Allstars

The ‘competing priorities’ meant that there was limited time for rummaging in the dark corners of the Cruising library for lost and forgotten gems to share in your good company this week. But the turntables have not been idle in preparing this week’s playlist for Cruising with The Commissioner and news that Bobby Womack was in town at the Jazz Cafe prompted a search for a favourite track by Bobby, his excellent cover of Paul Carrick’s song, ‘How Long’. Some of the Cruising Crew were there and said the venue got really crammed and the audience included Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart and others.

We were pleased to hear from fellow Wireless FM DJ, Johnny Alpha, from somewhere on his tour of Europe, to say he had listened The Commissioner sitting in on Killer Diller and enjoyed it . . . . well, at least he didn’t have to put all the records away after the show!

The Cruisettes always look forward to the company of The Shake when we’re cruising and enjoying the scenery, but we got a message just before we set off that he had inadvertently locked himself in the vinyl vault and was waiting to be rescued. So, we took a trip back down Memory Lane to 1961 and met Arnie ‘Woo Woo’ Ginsburg, from radio station WMEX in Boston, and we’ll hope to see The Shake back after his release from captivity and with more stories to tell.
Well, having entered the second quarter year of Cruising with The Commissioner, I remain grateful to Wireless FM for allowing me to subject any passing listener to my choice of music. I am even more surprised at the number of listeners that catch the show live or on the website and appear to enjoy the playlist selections. If you are one of those, I hope you’ll join me for the next festival of rock, soul and real RnB, when once again we’ll go Cruising with The Commissioner.

In the meantime, why not take a listen to the Tuesday Night Mafia on Wireless FM, where they’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse and play music you’ll never forget.

Until the next time we go Cruising together, have fun!

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