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Posted: July 1, 2011 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:
Cruising with The Commissioner #13 (30-6-11)

Well, we got past midsummer’s day without too much lingering madness, except for those drivers on weekend trips to and from the popular coastal resorts. These adventurous souls were provided with interesting opportunities to engage in involuntary social contact with complete strangers and exchange personal insights into a range of subjects from traffic management techniques, modern car engineering, standards of driving and the sanity of fellow travellers. Of course, you can avoid all of this when you are Cruising with The Commissioner.

The week has been eventful, including some great new music arriving by way of our musical postman and an expedition around local music emporiums in the company of fellow Wireless FM DJ, Max Quirk. This a discernible shift in Max’s demeanour as he nears such establishments . . . . his pace quickens, his eyes brighten and his fingers flex in anticipation. Once inside, he demonstrates an (apparently overwhelming) desire to rectify the perceived imbalance in the distribution of music between him and the purveyors of music media. Indeed, he is not above enlisting the assistance of his companions to extend his capacity in this worthy cause . . . . we each do ‘our bit’, but the imbalance seems perpetual. Still, some very nice items followed us home and some have found their place on this week’s playlist for Cruising with The Commissioner.

Re-discovering lost gems in the Cruising library is nearly as exciting as finding new items to add the library. One re-discovery this week was The Who’s album ‘A quick One’, which includes the great ‘Boris The Spider’ and ‘Run Run Run’ (which is in the playlist. Amongst the gems arriving in the ‘in tray’ this week were: ‘Tell Me Who’ by Big Maybelle, ‘Boogie Children’ by John Fred & The Playboys, ‘Boogie Woogie King’ by Jimmy Liggins, ’Knock Knock Rattle’ by Rex Allen, ‘Rocking All The Time’ by Roy Brown,’Ride Captain Ride’ by Blues Image, and ‘All Right’ by Russell Bridges & The Starlighters.

Despite stories to the contrary, the ‘Three From Me’ slot this week is a direct result of poor studio security measures, leaving the microphone switched on and the random application of rudimentary recording techniques during an ‘occupation’ of the studio by Mrs TC and The Little Sisters of The Rich (a select sect of devout observers of shop opening hours in all fashionable locations). Some extended negotiations were brought to a timely resolution with the arrival of a locksmith and rumours of breathtaking sale reductions at certain exclusive retail establishments. An agreement to broadcast of this ‘pirate’ ‘Three From Me’ was sufficient to restore the natural equilibrium of life (as we know it) at Cruising with The Commissioner.

Well, here’s the playlist for this week’s show and I know the Winifred Atwell Fan Club will be distraught, yet again, that she does not feature here:

Cruising for fun . . . .
Tell Me Who – Big Maybelle
L-O-V-E – Rico Rodrigues (with Jools Holland)
Never Found A Love – Eddie Floyd
Get On The Right Track – Georgie Fame
All Along The Watchtower – Brothers & Sisters
Keep On Lovin’ Me – Frances Nero
That’s When The Tears Start – The Velvettes
Help I’m A Rock – West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
Run Run Run – The Who

Memory Lane . . . . with The Shake
Coming Down – The United States of America

Cruising further on up the road . . . .
Ten Miles High – David & The Giants
Look At The Lights Go Up – Hopscotch
I’ll Be Waiting – Thunder
Rib Tips (Parts 1&2) – Andre Williams & His Orchestra
Little Latin Lupe Lu – The Righteous Brothers
Sweet Darlin’ – Jimmy (Soul) Clark
I Feel The Earth Move – Carol King
Good Times – Edie Bricknell
Come Back Home – Ann Sexton
Someone Else Is Steppin’ In – Buddy Guy
It’s Hard, But It’s Fair – Bobby Parker

Three From Me . . . . with Mrs TC
Blood On Your Hands – Big Joe Turner & The Memphis Caravan
Belle – Drew Barfield
Sultans Of Swing – Dire Straits

Cruising for home . . . .
Alright – Russell Bridges & the Starlighters
Beatnik – The Champs
Shimmy Like Kate – The Olympics
Sweet & Tender Romance – Carter-Lewis & The Southerners
Can I Get A Witness – Calvin Scott
I Struck It Rich – Len Barry
A Losing Game – James Carr
Whipper Snapper – Lavern Baker
Let’s Do the Funky Boogaloo (Part 2) – Barry Jones
Stepping Stone – The Anglos
End Of The Road – Jerry Lee Lewis

We missed The Shake on last week’s Cruising with The Commissioner, but we found him this week and made him very welcome. He came bounding back on top form with a fine piece of psychedelia for his trip down Memory Lane and, like me, I know the Cruisettes will be looking forward more!

During my travels this week, I stopped off in a delightful rural hideaway and met a, hitherto, little known sect that included Caesar, The Dark Lord, The Vicar and some other colourful characters. One Paul (The Devine) reveal a passion for Northern Soul and some particular favourites, amongst which was David & The Giants with ‘Ten Miles High’. So, we played it for him and the lovely Katie.

The Tuesday Night Mafia on Wireless FM are always worth a listen and this week’s Killer Diller show gave The Commissioner another opportunity to sit in while Johnny Alpha is away on his jaunt across Europe. So, there’s a double dose of delights posted here this week.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join the Wireless FM chat room on Thursday nights during Cruising with The Commissioner or give us some feedback about the show here on the website. If you have enjoyed the show, why not listen in again next week when, once again, we will go Cruising with The Commissioner.

Until we meet again . . . . have fun!

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