Killer Diller . . . . with The Commissioner

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen to this week’s Killer Diller show here:

Killer Diller with The Commissioner (28-06-11)

For those who tuned in to Wireless FM this Tuesday night (28 June 2011) for the regular Killer Diller show and expecting to hear the dulcet tones of its resident host, Johnny Alpha, they would have been surprised to find it being hosted by The Commissioner. The signature tune was the same and the format was familiar, but the commentary may have caused a few to check whether they had time-warped into Thursday night’s Cruising with The Commissioner. Well, Johnny Alpha was off on a tour of Europe and asked fellow Wireless FM DJs to cover his Killer Diller show during his break.

So, the first up to provide this Killer Diller filler was The Commissioner, aiming, as far as possible, to follow the familiar style of Johnny Alpha . . . . although no one does it better that JA himself. Anyway, the playlist included many tracks that have, or might, appear on Killer Diller, plus a few that were indulgences for The Commissioner.

The music quickly ate up the time and, too soon, it was the witching hour and all over. For the connoisseurs or the curious, here’s the playlist:

Bell Bottoms – Elliott Chavers
The Well’s Gone Dry – Dorothy Williams
So Fine – The Santells
Goo Goo Muck – Ronnie Cook & The Gaylads
Sock It To ‘Em JB – Sandy Nelson
Telstar – The Lunatics
In A Persian Market – The Federals
Daddy Cool – The Rays
One Mint Julep – The Clovers
Down In Mexico – The Coasters
You’re Wishing I Was Someone Else – The Whatt Four
That’s What I Want – Candlelight
He’s Not There Anymore – The Chymes
Rockin’ The Joint – Esquerita
Sapphire – Big Danny Oliver
Lights Out – Jerry Byrne
Boy From New York City – The Ad Libs
Smokey Places – The Corsairs
Dance Joanne – The Four Epics
The McCoy – The Ventures
Twitchy – Rene Hall Orchestra (ft. Willie Joe)
Sand Storm – Johnny & The Hurricanes
Do You St Tropez – Brigette Bardot
Oi Che Non Vivo – Pino Donaggio
Le Plus Difficile – Jacques Dutronc
You Don’t Love Me – Willie Cobb
Too Far Gone To Turn Around – Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland
Talkin’ Woman – Lowell Fulson
Let’s Do The Funky Boogaloo (Part 2) – Barry Jones
Oh Pee Day – Funky Lloyd Price Orchestra
Uptight – Billy Preston
Catch That Teardrop – The 5 Royals
Wild Child – The Sapphires
Just Because Of You – Rocky Roberts & The Airdales

Now, you can’t say that isn’t a good selection (please take that as an instruction, rather than a consultation) and you will have to endure a period of eager anticipation until you discover who is providing the Killer Diller filler next week.

In the meantime, have fun!

  1. Johnny Alpha says:

    Are you trying to do me out of job sir? 😉
    Really enjoyed the Dorothy Williams track, not heard that in years.
    Great show TC and many thanks for stepping in.


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