Down the Road Apiece

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen to this week’s show here: Cruising with The Commissioner #7 (Complete)

As you can see, in response to your feedback, we’ve put the audio link to the show up front . . . . you’re listening and we’re listening too!

Well, no one can say it hasn’t been ‘lively here in the Grand Duchy of Bexleyheath during the past week. The visitor’s lounge has seen its fair share of familiar faces calling by and most welcome they have been too. In between these ‘encounters’, the long-term project to bring some semblance of order to Cruise Control has moved decisively beyond the ‘tipping point’ and slid in a vaguely supervised manner towards its goal. Although this may be a never-ending project, I am reminded that sometimes ‘it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive’. So, I’ll aim to keep pace with at least one hand on the steering wheel and ever hopeful that things stay on course.

As new music keeps arriving for the Cruising library, so we continue our rummaging in the dark recesses to see what flotsam and jetsam has accumulated there and to pursue some ‘displacement management’ by finding them new homes elsewhere. Many items have been traded through the web and we are pleased that some ‘special interest’ items have been adopted by fellow Wireless FM DJ, Max Quirk, and we might hear some of these on Max’s Magic Circles on Wireless FM on Tuesday nights from 9 – 10:30pm (GMT).

The chatroom chatter and the texts that came in during last week’s Cruising with The Commissioner were much appreciated here. As always, once a show gets started, even I settled in to enjoy the music (even though I know what’s coming up next) and the occasional visit from the Cruisettes, bearing a profusion of provender and refreshments, also helps to set the mood right.

The postponement of the long awaited unveiling of Captain Scarlet’s ‘Three From Me’ from last week, only heightened the anticipation for the Cruising Crew and, kind as they were about my little trip down Memory Lane last week, they clearly hanker after more tales from The Shake. Well, I think their enthusiasm has been well and truly indulged this week, because The Shake joined us for this week’s cruise down Memory Lane and it proved to be an excellent diversion, in the company of The Only Ones.

This week’s festival of rock, soul and ‘real’ rhythm & blues set out on its quest to bring the connoisseurs (such as you) some more fine and groovy sounds. Whether you listen live or catch up through the MP3 version on the website, why not give us some feedback. You never know, it might help to keep things heading in the right direction or set them on course for new vistas and adventures. Fear not, the Cruisettes have The Samaritans number handy for any particularly ‘forthright’ comments!

In preparing for Cruising with The Commissioner this week, the turntables here in the Grand Duchy of Bexleyheath have been graced with an eclectic mix of musical dignitaries, including Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed, Jerry Lee Lewis, Juicy Lucy, Steve Windwood, Mike Sanchez, The Virtues, The Mark IV, Wanda Jackson and The Clovers. Some got onto this week’s playlist and others will appear later. Last week DJ Leyton Rocks delivered a stunning set, but this week’s playlist had more from The Commissioner than usual, because DJ Leyton Rocks was in Cannes, rubbing shoulders with the elite at the film festival. We’ll be eager to hear his exploits when he returns, no doubt, dressed in designer shades and an Armani suit.

On the Wireless FM Killer Diller show, Johnny Alpha played Heart by the Liverpool Five, which inspired a search through the library for their excellent album and we chose one of the many nuggets that was an RCA Victor single of theirs to include in the playlist this week. This one was called ‘She’s (Got Plenty Of Love)’ and it is a song originally recorded by The Peeps in 1965.

Anyway, here’s the playlist for this week’s show:

Corrina Corrina – Jerry Lee Lewis

Well, I’ll Be John Brown – Huey ‘Piano’ Smith & The Clowns

Who Do You Love – Juicy Lucy

Michael (The Lover) – Geno Washington & the Ram Jam Band

Mickey’s Monkey – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

Ain’t That Peculiar – Fanny

I’m A Fool I Must Love You – The Falcons

Let’s Have A Party – Wanda Jackson

Needles & Pins – The Clovers

Keep On Running – The Spencer Davis Group

Three from me . . . . DJ Captain Scarlet

Transfusion – Nervous Norvus

Do Wah Diddy Diddy – Manfred Mann

John I’m Only Dancing – David Bowie

Cruising some more . . . . .

Pretty Legs – Mike Sanchez

Choc Ice – The Stags

She’s (Got Plenty Of Love) – Liverpool Five

The Real Thing – Tina Britt

I Can’t Turn You Loose – The Memphis Horns 

Memory Lane . . . . with The Shake

You’ve Got To Pay – The Only Ones

Cruising even more . . . . .

Can I Get a Witness – Calvin Scott

Memphis Soul Stew – King Curtis & The Kingpins

Can’t Stop Looking For My Baby – Fantastic Four

Down the Road A Piece -Merrill E Moore

I Don’t Know – Willie Mabon

More, More, More of Your Love – Bob Brady & the Conchords

Can’t Do Without You – Dusty Wilson

My Baby Ain’t No Plaything – Willie Jones

While My Guitar Gently Weeps – Jeff Healey

Walk In My Shadow – Joe Bonamassa

Roadrunner – Jnr. Walker & The Allstars

Headline News – Edwin Starr

Take My Love With You – Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed & The Trueloves

Saved – LaVern Baker

Come On Over To My Place – The Drifters

That’s When Tears Start – The Blossoms

Shout Shout – Ernie Maresca

Well, sadly this week we said farewell to one of the great American session guitarists and band-leaders, Cornell Dupree. He played on some 2,500 recordings with some of the greats in soul and RnB, including James Brown, BB King, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Donny Hathaway and many others.

The story goes, that he was inspired to take up the guitar after seeing Johnny Guitar Watson and moved from Texas to New York in 1961 to join King Curtis’s band, the Kingpins. They opened for the Beatles at Shea Stadium in ’65  and played on King Curtis’s1967 hit ‘Memphis Soul Stew’ . . . where Cornell Dupree was responsible for adding the “four level tablespoons of boiling Memphis guitar” and we played that in the show in tribute.

As always, I am grateful to Wireless FM for another opportunity to play my choice of music and, if you enjoy this selection, I hope you’ll join me next Thursday for another festival of rock, soul and real RnB, when once again we’ll go Cruising with The Commissioner. 

If you can’t wait till then, I recommend you take a listen to the Tuesday Night Mafia on Wireless FM, where they’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse and play music you’ll never forget.

Until the next time we meet, have fun!

  1. The Vikster says:

    Ah-ha! Now I can get my quick fix of Cruising even faster. The audio player works rather well and I still read all the Grand Duchy adventures.

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