Cruising with Hospital Radio Medway

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Hear This . . . . !

You won’t find Hospital Radio Medway (HRM) on your radio at home, because it is based in Medway Maritime Hospital providing programmes full of music, news, sport and information exclusively for the hospital’s patients. Over 50 volunteers combine their spare time and love of radio to produce this range of programmes and broadcast from 2 studios in the basement of the hospital.

The friendly folk at HRM are proud to say they’ve got something to suit everybody’s taste in music from country, folk, pop, classical, hymns, house, trance, rock, music hall, and even comedy, to help patients through their stay in the hospital. They are not only friendly, but persuasive too and so the invitation to host a regular weekday, Cruising with The Commissioner show was an offer not to be refused and an opportunity to add some rock, soul and ‘real’ RnB to the station’s playlists.

Check out the Hospital Radio Medway website: Hospital Radio Medway

Here’s a taste of the HRM Cruising with The Commissioner shows, in case you are curious about what you might hear on the radio if you find yourself here.

Listen to a promo jingle: The Commissioner – PROMO

Listen to a show: Cruising with The Commissioner (Medway#1)

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